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pinkguppy 05-20-2007 10:44 PM

24 & 29 gallon kits: Aquapod vs. Biocube vs. Nanocube
Do you guys and gals have anything to say about these saltwater aquarium kits?

Aquapod 24 ($200)
Biocube 29 or 14 ($280 and $190)
Nanocube 29

I checked out a new fish shop yesterday, mostly to see what they have to stock a potential freshwater 20L. The sales guy showed me these biocubes for saltwater... said I "might as well go saltwater." Well, he IS a salesperson... and he must be doing his job well because now I'm thinking these cubes would be an easy way to get into SW!

He said it would cost much more to buy all the parts separately, etc. I've done so much research on this aquarium hobby that I feel I could handle a moderate setup around 20 gal, FW or SW.

Please comment on the cubes or your experience with them.

caferacermike 05-21-2007 01:18 PM

They are good for very lightly stocked tanks. Maybe 1 or 2 small fish only. There will be a heavy lean towards water changes in such systems. They look like they are excellent by design but are very limited in their capabilities. If I bought any of them it would probably be a JBJ Nano Cube simply because they have been around so long that they have a huge following. There are sites like that sell an amazing amount of gadgets to make them even better. The other systems don't have all that yet. You can get tiny chillers that you cannot see, metal halide setups for coral, protein skimmers that fit in the chambers (see "Starphire skimmers" for more details).

Rue 05-21-2007 01:28 PM

The smaller the tank the harder it is to look after...

55g is almost always recommended as the 'easiest' size, esp. for beginners...

...having said that...if you want to go with a SW nano ...I'd look into the Red Sea Max...

...if I could afford one...I'd give SW a go...

black&whiteclowns 06-24-2007 05:29 PM

i have a nano i have 3 fish and a few mushrooms , polyps, ane, as the last guy said you do need to do more water changes like i do 1 every 7 to 10 days but nice tank great filtering and lighting hope this helps you out

harleyquinnzell 01-31-2008 09:42 PM

I have a biocube
I'm a newbie to the whole SW aquarium thing and I started out with an 8 gallon biocube. I just upgraded to a 29 and I think regardless of what people say, starting small just to see if it is truly something you want to do is a good idea. It is a very involved time consuming hobby (not cheap either) But if it is what you love and you have the time it is well worth it. The biocube worked great for me. The lights included are great for reef tanks and fish only as well. I would recommend a reef tank with live sand and rock and one or two fish depending on the size of tank. But do yourself a favor and read and read and research before you do it SW tanks are a part time job. But I love my job!!!!!

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