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Holly 05-20-2007 10:12 PM

Master Test Kit vs. Quick Dip
So I have to say it...Quick Dips stink! I did a quick dip one night and it told me eveything the exactly where I wanted it. The next morning, my fish were trying to jump out of the tank. So I pull out my Master Test that only cost me $14.99, and I understand why my fish were trying to jump out of the tank. All my levels were off the charts!! So after I freaked out and did my water changes, I did a quick dip on the same water that I used for the Master Kit. OMG Quick Dip told me that my nitrites were at .25. Master Test? I was off the chart! Same with ammonia, nitrates, ph, and gh. I used to use my Quick Dips just for an estimated overview of the tank when I didn't have time to wait. Never again! All 50 are in the trash and I'll never go near them. Please, please, please spend the $14.99 +shipping which is $10 and get the good test. We talk about it all the time in here, they say it 100 times a day. I just had a weekend from hell because I didn't listen! AAUUUGGGGG....

Robnjo 05-20-2007 10:27 PM

I have a master test Kit now which I bought in December, I check my water with it and its says Nitrate is 20-40ppm so I took some water to my LFS and they said my water was >5ppm. So I think my kit has gone off, so I wont be buying another MT kit. :?

fish_4_all 05-20-2007 10:30 PM

I had to learn the say way but I am glad I didn't have a major disaster looming when I got mine. I had the strips and they told me my nitrates were 10ppm when the liquid test was 40. I have also seen the opposite effect where the test strip shows 20ppm nitrates and the liquid was showed almost 0 ppm.

The test strips main flaw is they are all on the same strip. I have actually seen pharmaceutical grade test strips, one test only per strip that were awesome accurate and gave the instant results we like to see. Unfortunately they are $50 per 10 test strips for those of us who don't have pharmaceutical grants. lol.

I am gald you got your in time to prevent a complete break done and loss of all your fish. Hopefully your story will help others to keep from making the mistake.

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