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jcinnb 01-17-2011 10:54 AM

Will cleaning Eheim 2215 too soon be damaging?
Seems like every time I do something, I end up screwing up worst. Yeah, I know, patience is not a virtue with me.

Ok, so things were going pretty smoothly until a week ago, introduced fish, most have died.

When the fish arrived, unknown to me, I had just done about a 90% change in order to catch two gouramis that needed to go back to fish store -- more aggressive than I had anticipated.

Anyway, since then, I have lost fish, I have an incredibly cloudy tank, started 2 days after big water change, now have awful smell. I have concluded that my tank has never really cylced properly or completely. I check my chemistry every day.

NOW, it just does not seem like I have the current or water movement I once had. I certainly feel water coming out of the spray bar, and see plant movement on the 1/3 of tank that has the spray bar, but not much going on on the other side. I can feel suction, filter certainly appears to be running.

But..On the end of tank opposite spary bar, I have bubbles just sittin in the water, and pretty much a film. That used to be never the case.

So, I am thinking that based on all the tribulations I have put this poor tank through, I might have prematurely clogged or partially obstructed the system, somewhere. When I took the charcoal filter out last week, I was surprised by how much stuff back flushed out of the intake side as I drained the canister.

What I do not want to do is to kill off the bacteria that is trying to grow since the last huge water change (which I treated by the way).

I think the recommend first pump cleaning is three months, I would be going on about 1 month.

Any ideas, comments, or suggestions.


SeaHorse 01-17-2011 02:13 PM

Hi so sorry to hear of your troubles. Read your other posting too about the shipment and aggressive gouramis.
My first word of advise is to take a deep breathe! and do things more subtly. Think calm.
You should probably open and check that your filter is running correctly...Rinse out the tubes etc, clear any debrs from the tubes again if any, but don't change any substrate, just ensure it is working and put it all back together with the same contents. Rinse out the sponge or poly fiber stuff and if it was me, I would re-use it, re-assemble and check the flow again. I'm sure you know the out put must break the water surface, not be below the surface or you must have an air stone that breaks the surface of the water. The film almost seems like stagnant water doesn't it? I experience a similar situation and went to my LFS to buy another filter and to my surprise he would not sell me one, said it's one of the better ones, go home, disassemble, re-assemble and if still not working bring it in for service. ( I had no force in the out put side) found the locking mechanism that holds the magnet spinner was not locked. Reset it all and it worked. I just put everything back inside as I did not want to disturb the good bacteria.
I'm not sure about the cloudy water tho. I have never experienced that other than the new water I put back in with my hose from the tap, it is always incredibly aerated, but I'm checking temps constantly. If the filter is not working peak and you disturbed the sand might that contribute to the cloudy water?
I know you said you have lost 2 more... what is left in there now? I think with the 90% change you will need to cycle again, not sure how much time has gone by, but filtration seems to be a possible concern.
Good luck, don't give up!, Slow and steady! And when it has re-cycled in a month or so, test all your levels again to make sure they are in line before you buy, and try to get fish that already have aclimatized to your water. Mine is 8.4 ph, extreemely hard, so should stick with African Ciclids that can tolerate it, but I know that is hard. (pun intended). Lastly you are brave to order fish to be delivered, many do it successfully I think, I'm afraid to slosh mine around just in the drive home. LOL Jakiebabie

willow 01-17-2011 02:22 PM

the cloud could be bacterial bloom,if the filter is clogged due to all the
disturbance then i would open up the filter as already said,and just clear any
major debris,don't squeeze the sponges or anything else,and only do everything
in old tank water.small water change won't hurt
don't think you need carbon in the filter,i thought it was just mainlly used for removal
after the tank had been medicated.
however befor following anything i've said please wait for others to chime in.
hang in there it Will work out.

jcinnb 01-17-2011 06:49 PM

Thanks to both of you. My filter discharge was below the water and NOT breaking the water surface. I have adjusted the spray bar and fixed that. I would swear I read somewhere about not breaking the surface and had adjusted the thespraybar. Surface already looks better
May tear down the filter tomorrow. I still have all my cities, all rasboras, about 1/3 of the celestial Pearl danios I purchased and have lost, I think, one cherry barb
Now O am just waiting.

jcinnb 01-18-2011 06:38 AM

Update: As of 10 last night, when the lights went out, the surface was clean, no scum or bubbles and no fish were at the surface. The rasboras, CPD's and barbs were all swimming at mid level. Tank still cloudy but I think it is in MUCH better shape than Friday - Monday.

Thanks for comments.


willow 01-18-2011 08:29 AM

that's great news,it's on the mend. :)

SeaHorse 01-18-2011 06:47 PM

So glad to hear things are improving. I don't know the science behind having to break the surface, will have to look that one up, as well as bacterial bloom... never experienced that one either, thank goodness. The fish all seemed to be sufficating when the output was below, even tho they don't breathe air directly. But they end up gasping at the surface.
My fish over the weekend were all acting weird, I lost one neon barb and it floated to the surface. Normally they just seem to large pleco was swimming upside down on the surface almost looking for the carcass, my zebra danio was challenging tank mates from a corner, my mollies were acting dead at the surface until you touched them, my swords were hiding, pearl gouramis were swimming way down in the back along the gravel, they are normally near the top... what the heck was going on. I went to investigate and found my Eheim filter leaking all over the tank stand base, all electrical sitting in water. No shocks. but also found my heater had failed also. What was normally 76/78 was now 66. that was Monday night. Took it back the store and it worked there, brought it back home, tried two different outlets, won't work. Had to run out to Walmart and get a smaller one to make do while I call the company tomorrow. up to 70 now and everyone seems to be back swimming where they should be. Funny how their behavior is a barometer for what is going on. I know the heater and leak were unrelated but if I didn't sit by my tank daily and watch them I would not have recognized the change in behaviour to know something was wrong.
Oh I should also mention there is a post somewhere in this site about the output making too much noise and fish dying. If I let my water level get to low the trickling noise gets very loud and they are very sensitive to noise. So quiet and efficient. Good luck. Hope to see more improvements.

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