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Sadie 05-20-2007 07:40 PM

really really need help
I just completed treatment with Maracyn and Maracyn II in both tanks on May 11 (I think, it was the Friday before Mother's day). I followed the directions and treated for 5 days and it didn't even really touch the physical signs so I continued on with another 5 days treatment. Everyone was doing pretty well but 3 or 4 still had some white cloud to them. Everyone had their color back and all are eating well for the most part.

From the second dose on I had to do nightly water changes usually 25% but a few times I had to do 50% because the meds altered the params so quickly. the meds mentioned that they could alter the params but my goodness they desimated my good bacteria. One tank has just completed recycling but the other has just spiked (I think I am on the downward path at this point). One plus to this is the meds killed most of my algae

Well the max the meds said you could treat was 10 days. Well I have one that is starting to scratch again and I can see the white coming back without having to really look. I also have one in the other tank that is starting to get again as well. It happens to be both of my adult males and they had the most damage from scratching. They both still have a lot of scales that look like they are missing and lighter patches. If you could image a cat with mange with the patches of hair missing everywhere now transfer that to the fish.

Is there something else I can do?? Does Melafix really do anything in this kind of situation?? I'm more than tired of being up to my elbows in water every night. Should I just euthanize them since they seem to be more prone to disease?

Unfortunately this bacterial diease really hit the live bearers which accounts for 12 of my fish. It hit the adult Platy the hardest. Out of the other 4 only the Oto was unaffected. The loach flopped and rubbed and both Honey Gouramis a very slight cloud to the heads but only rubbed on a rare occasion but didn't suffer any damage.

What can I do next?? I don't want to treat with this stuff again so soon if I can avoid it. So far the loach and Oto seem to be all right with the elevated params but I know this will wear them down soon.

miagrrl 05-20-2007 09:00 PM

i had a problem similiar, i put maracyn in one of my tanks to treat a nasty popeye and gill inflamation...which it did, but then my tank recycled- leading to ...stress, which of course led to...another round of bacterial infection. i know there is a way to do a 10-day salt bath that is supposed to be a "home remedy" for just about any disease- i've never done it myself, but a guy wrote it down for me;
put fish in isolation tank, add one teaspoon of aqaurium salt per gallon. do this twice a day, for 3-4 days. if there is little to no improvement then continue adding a teaspoon ONCE a day for a max of 9-10 days. this would not work well with fish that are really sensitive to salt, and it will most definately kill plants. but it will help heal tons of diseases without screwing up your biological filter. i keep a small amount of salt in my tanks regularly, it will help fish fight off bacteria in the first place by enhacing their slime coat. ***remember, also if you leave your carbon filter running it decreases the effectiveness of the medicine, as it soaks it up as the water is filtered.

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