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squiggles1 05-19-2007 01:40 PM

Need advice on discus
I got discus on Thursday, there were only 5 left so that's all i got. they are blue turqs and they are about maybe 2.5 inches from nose to tail. We read up about them alot so we know about their water needs and such but here's the thing. Now it was obvious that they hadn't been eating at the store. The store water was only 76 so they weren't exactly comfy as is. We got them here and brought their temp up to 82 gradually (they were shivering). 2 have died. We are having a hard time getting them to eat. The 2 that died I don't think did eat. We've been offering them food a couple of times a day. We got most of them to eat once when we ground up Tetra color bits and Hikari Chiclid excel. They ate some of that but I wouldn't say a ton. We've tried krill, roe, flakes the above mentioned pellets with no effect other then what I mentioned. But since that time nothing. They are the only ones in the tank besides a cory and 2 ottos. The light isn't intense and the water params are ok. Our water is a bit above 7 which I know they don't prefer but we have added driftwood and peat to help. And I've read people keeping discus successfully at that ph as well. I'm going to hatch a batch of brine shrimp and see what happens there but that won't be ready for at least a day. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

squiggles1 05-19-2007 05:20 PM

well i got them to eat again today, at least 2 of them. one of them is the head guy, the other is his go to guy (they can all be "guys"as i don't know the gender) but the other has decided to like one corner of the tank. whenever the other 2 go near him he chases them away. they don't seem to pick on him though. we plan to go back to around the 6 number on tuesday when the next order comes in. do you think maybe its just that there's only 3?

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