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Christople 01-11-2011 09:15 PM

Help! German Blue Ram eggs qeustions
hi my gbrs just laid eggs and I plan to put the eggs in a net breeder before they hatch. i m only looking to help some of the fry grow to full size. Some of the questions I have are when can I do this Or can i do this. Also, if I feed the fish... will the eeggs be left alone after the fish are done eating, like i plan on feeding them tonight but I am afraid that they will leave the eggs at the mercy of my loaches and tetras. Another is if the rams pretect the eggs at night for I have a few plecos and the eggs are in one of there prime spots to hang out. How fast do the parents become malnurished from gaurding the eggs. Sorry for all the ? but i want the fry to live

Byron 01-12-2011 07:20 PM

It is amazing how long fish can guard their eggs/fry without eating, or grabbing a tidbit now and then.

The problem with removing the eggs alone is that they can fungus quickly. Placing them near an airstone can work (used to do this with angelfish eggs on a slate). The parents are fanning them, cleaning them, removing infertile eggs, etc. during their guard duty, and this is important.

Other fish will probably get them, especially during the night. All catfish are active during darkness, cichlids are not. My present Bolivian Rams have spawned 4 or more times, and either the eggs or the fry always get devoured within minutes at night.

If they have spawned once, they will spawn repeatedly. I would suggest setting up a separate tank for them, it can be a 10-20 gallon with gravel, some plants for security. Transfer the parents into the tank a few days after the last spawning finishes (assuming the eggs or fry are eaten). Dry leaves are good to culture infusoria for the fry, or with cichlids you can hatch brine shrimp.


Christople 01-12-2011 08:38 PM

Thank you byron but I am afraid that I got this news too late. setting up a tank adequate for these fish wouldn't be possible for me to do. The filter is bad and so is the heater. I can't do anything but wait until the eggs hatch and then move them to a net breeder. How do I make a brine shrimp cultivation? I hear that petsmart has a kit that works. I have hikari first bites and frozen bbs, any thing else... how do you do a infusoria cultivation

Byron 01-13-2011 03:24 PM

There used to be little tubes of infusoria cultures, presumably they are still available. Or as I mentioned, dried leaves will produce some. Others have used ground yolk of hard-boiled eggs.

Brine shrimp eggs can be bought, and you hatch them in a jar of salt water with an airstone to keep the eggs moving around.

Another food is flake food ground up and mixed with water to soak it, then squirt it into the shoal of fry.

Christople 01-13-2011 06:00 PM

okay thank you

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