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ElectricBlueJackDempsey 01-10-2011 08:21 PM

Apistogramma sp. aggression
I purchased 2 Apistogramma sp. (male-female pair) and added them to my 30gal planted. They get along fine with the other fish. (Panda cory, cardinals,bumblebee gobies, hatchets, keyhole and rams) But the male is really stressing out the female. She is paler and always hides and comes out during feeding but the male chases her all the time other then feeding. I was wondering if the aggression will go down or will this continue. It is heavy planted and gives them plenty of spots to hide. Anything I can do, other then removing one of them??

Christople 01-11-2011 09:24 PM

my rams did this and the end result was death. I recommend trying to get another male or trade both in and try again... I gave away the male and got a new pair and just two days after i got them they laid eggs

TankMAster 01-12-2011 02:09 PM

Hi There!

Sorry to hear about this. I have bred Apistos for some time now and I really would like to know which species and strain we are talking about here. .

There's a whole host of apisto species but it sounds like you have a steel blue pair. ..I am assuming because I have had no problem with A. Cacatuoides (orange flash or sunburst) . .

The main problem could exist simply because the pet store mixed up a whole lot of pairs and you 'chose' your pairs.

Apistos can pair off when they are as small as 2cm. .

My point is. . you have an incompatible pair. . you will have to separate them. . set temps to 29* Celsius (87F i think) and set pH to 6.5 - 7 . . feed well ...then bring both the fish together again . .there will be chasing and stuff . but if they are not really compatible ..they will really hurt each other. .

There is not much you can do besides taking the pair back to the pet shop and ordering a true pair from a reputable supplier. .. or PM me and I can give you contact details . .



ElectricBlueJackDempsey 01-12-2011 04:02 PM

Thank you. My lfs only got two in there order and they seemed to get along there but after 2 days in my tank, the male was beating up the female pretty bad. I am going to try to give them back and a get a new pair. thanks for the advise.

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