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chardale 01-09-2011 01:30 PM

Help with my new guppies?
Hi!! I was hoping to get some help with my new guppies. I got them just yesterday. I have two males and they are currently in a 2-gallon filtered tank. I have a bigger, 5 gallon filtered tank that I would like to move them to, but I need some help.

Neither tank is new, so my first question is should I try cycling the new 5 gallon tank?

Also, what sort of heater do I need? I currently don't have one and my living space is fairly warm, but I don't want the little guys to get too cold.

And how much salt should i be adding? I added just one grain of aquarium salt to the 2 gallon tank. How much for the 5 gallon?

Last question. What sort of gravel should I get? Currently they have marbles and one tiny plant. Should I get regular gravel? And is this one plant enough?

Thank you very much for any feedback. :)

Jwest 01-11-2011 07:33 PM


You need to cycle any tank unless you use a product like safe start

If the water can remain a constant temp of about 78 degrees then I wouldn't worry about a heater. If it doesn't you'll need a fairly small heater

guppies don't neccesarily need salt. but about a teaspoon is ok for five gallons

you can have as many plants as you want in the tank. Marbles are an ok substrate I think. I would personally rather use gravel or sand

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