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drag 05-17-2007 05:53 PM

Ack! Tank Cycling Probs. Any Advice?
Hi all,

Well I started to write a question two days ago about something unrelated when I ran my water tests to post the info. Imagine my shock when my beautifully running tank had jumped up to 2.0 ppm ammonia.

So I did a 50% water change, waited a few hours and did a 25% change. Tested it again and it was about .6 ppm.

Waited until yesterday, changed out 50% and again 25%. Still about .5 ppm

Ran out last night an bought jungle labs fungus clear (yes, poor betta has it), and ammonia clear.

Added 1/2 tab to my 5 gallon of ammnia clear, waited an hour and added the other 1/2. (1 tab for a ten gallon, but for high ammonia treatment double the amount is ok to use- per the package)

Waited an hour and added 1/2 a tab of fungus clear (can be used with other treatment products per package).

I tested the water before adding the 1/2 tab of fungus clear and the ammonia level is down to .25 ppm.

My Nitrate reading is still 15-20 ppm
Nitrite 0 ppm
Hardness 0
Alkalinity 0
Ph 6.4

My tank has been set up for 3 weeks, I've added cycle to it as directed and done water changes on average 2xs a week.

So now what? Do I need to add cycle to the tank? When I did my massive water changes for the ammonia spike I only added cycle the first time.

I know you are all going to probably say this was a normal ammonia spike for the tank to cycle, but I'm still really pissed becuase I was told by my lfs that the tank had already cycled by my water readings. *sigh*

Hearing/reading is just not the same as experiencing. What else should I do, and what else can I expect now?

Thanks for the help. :)

Falina 05-17-2007 05:59 PM

I wouldn't add any chemicals like cycle or any amonia remover. I'm very sceptical of them TBH. Keep up the water changes, say 30% daily? And wait it out. The amonia will disappear soon. Your reading isn't very high, althoguh any amonia is bad for fish, but it shouldn't take too long to disappear.

Is the betta the only fish in the tank? If so then your bioload isn't very high and all should be back to normal soon, maybe even in a few days.

Sorry to hear your betta has been unwell. Hopefully the medication will help him althoguh just remember that with water changes, you are removing some medication, and so you will have to keep an eye on your dosages. If you remove 10% of the watyer, add 10% of the dose kind of thing.

Sometimes using medication can cause a mini-cycle as they often remove oxygen which can lead to the bacteria dying off etc etc.

drag 05-17-2007 07:40 PM

Thanks. I'll keep up on the water changes and try and be patient. I'm just happy to know that I haven't royally messed things up so far. :)

Falina 05-17-2007 07:52 PM


Originally Posted by drag
Thanks. I'll keep up on the water changes and try and be patient. I'm just happy to know that I haven't royally messed things up so far. :)

We all make some mistakes, and even when we don't, things still go wrong and the only ay you learn really is when things don't go smoothly. Don't worry too much. My opinion is that with regular water changes you amonia will go away, and now you're better equipped to deal with it if it happens again. :)

drag 05-18-2007 04:57 PM

:) Thanks.

Well the ammonia's gone, tested just now and its at 0.

*laugh* Of course now my tank looks awful, but I'm sure that will clear up too. (Its green from the fungus meds, and has algae or diatoms growing on the glass)

Thank you for the help.

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