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mjbn 01-06-2011 10:26 PM

Can a hydor theo 50 watt heat a 20G long?
Well i'm getting a 20Gallon long soon, i have a marineland penguin 150B and will also be using a aqueon quiet flow 10 in the 20 gallon. I have a 50 watt hydor theo, but i'm not sure if that will sufficiently heat the tank. I keep the tank from 75-79 degrees F. I cannot afford a new heater because i'm on a really tight budget as a 16 year old jobless.

cbirk 01-07-2011 12:24 AM

I think generally speaking you want at least a 75 watt heater for a 20 gal tank. Others may chime in with more info than I have. But I think if you like your room warm, you can keep your room no colder that 10 degrees less than what you want your tank at, this means you only have to increase the temp of the water by a max of 10, and a 50W heater will work out.

I would be worried about cold spots though. I would test the water temp on both sides and the middle of your tank, and see if your heater does better being placed in the middle of the back of your tank, or in the flow of your filter to help push the warm water around.

lorax84 01-07-2011 02:01 PM

I have a 150w heater in my 20gal, but I also keep my house heat very low in the winter and I didn't want to burn through heaters. You probably don't need that much, but I would have at least 75-100w. You may be able to get by with 50w but it will burn the heater up quickly being on all the time. Try looking around online for deal. I think I paid $25 for my 150w shipped when I bought it a few weeks ago, and that was for a shatterproof heater.

Edit: If you really can't afford a nice new heater you can always go get a cheap HOB heater for $10 and run both heater concurrently. I have done that in the past.

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