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wised 01-06-2011 08:12 AM

Female endler situation...?
yesterday i found that my female guppies had ick so we gave them some antibotics and raised the temperature abit, so far there is little sign of any white spots but what i have noticed is that they are staying at the top and not moving...

The nitrate and ph is normal, but i can't check the amonia as we don't have any kits.. I have boiled one guppy so far as it was just staying at the top not eating and its gills were red and gasping for air...

what could be going on with the guppy's ...?

aunt kymmie 01-06-2011 09:46 AM

What size tank and how many fish are in the tank?? How long has this tank been set up?
If it were it me (and it's not) I'd do a water change pronto. Red gills and gasping for air indicates elevated ammonia or possibly lack of oxygen in the water, or both.
Higher temps deplete oxygen more quickly, not sure how high you bumped the temp up. Either way, a large water change should be performed, IMHO.

Maceman121 01-06-2011 10:32 AM

I agree with Aunt, you need to do a water change and give a little more information about your tank system. Also, if you do not have an ammonia kit, get one ASAP, ammonia is deadly and easy to come by.

For example, I had a five gallon tank with no ammonia, within a few days it was at .5 after I had fished out a few dead guppies and left over food.

Treating your tank is good, but 25-50% (higher is more extreme, but you might want it that way). Second thing is to think of another tank, if you have a small one to spare, that you can take some of the cleaned old tank water (so after water change) to put the guppies into until they recover. Don't want them to get something while weak, especially not if they end up giving it to your other fish.

Also, you checking for nitrate or nitrite? Nitrate is far less dangerous than nitrite, at least in fresh water, so make sure you also check Nitrites, more often than Nitrates. After all, you get Nitrates after you have high ammonia levels AND high nitrite levels (ammonia + H2O makes Nitrite. Nitrite + H2O makes Nitrate).

wised 01-06-2011 11:02 AM

I have a 54 liter tank (14 gallons i think). 9 female (4 newborn fry) )and 5 male guppies. The Temp was raised to 28C (82F), the temp only went up to degrees..
This is our 2nd day trying to cure ick so we will not be doing any water changes as the atibiotics are in the water.
Both nitrate and nitrite are good even the ph.

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