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SlimStretch 01-04-2011 10:48 PM

Fish Program
If one where to make a program to organize fish, to help people select fish for a tank what would be the categories you would like to search by, Temperament, Ph Level, Temperature, Salinity, Orgin. Stuff along those lines.

SeaHorse 01-05-2011 12:06 AM

Yes I think those are great parameters to group fish into. Right now I think the LFS uses red, green and yellow stickers on the tank. That is it!! How many of us have bought fish and after they died you discovered what you had done wrong, or bad advise, or mistakes made. Where I live the water is extreemely hard and alkaline, and I really should only raise certain ciclids. What ever forum this might be organized into I would hope that common names would be used too. It is very hard to look up a fish when you don't know it's latin name. Looking forward to reading more about this. thanks.

SlimStretch 01-05-2011 12:38 AM

I'm going to have it search using the Common name and the scientific name in parentheses. My dad is gonna write the program for it, so i'm going to start compiling the information, I'm a big fan of biotope tanks, so that will def be an extra search type. So for example, Lake Malawi, or Amazon River, Amazon Flooded Forest, Asian Spring, etc.

But of course there will be a basic version to test the program then we will add the more complex information. At some point i want to have a virtual tank builder when you can add the fish to the tank and it will tell you if they are compatible, what kind of filter, if you've overstocked, etc. and plants will also be added later.

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