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ginagv 01-01-2011 12:46 PM

Snails snails snails!
Like several people on the boards, my 20 gal has been taken over by snails.. MTS for the most part, although today while doing a pwc and substrate (small smooth gravel) clean I thought I saw a tiny ramshorn also... Here is my question..

Are there any freshwater fish that stay smallish (again my tank is only 20 gal) that would prey on these snails? I know a clown loach would be a given but they get huge, so that is out of the question..

Any ideas? I will do the bait with the lettuce leaf thing if I have to, but I'd rather not have to...

thanks in advance,


BEARitone 01-01-2011 01:37 PM

Assassin snails are worth looking into. 2 should keep the population to a minimum. The only other thing I know of are puffers but they are too aggressive for a community tank.

However baiting them is plenty effective, especially for that size tank.

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