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wised 01-01-2011 06:02 AM

Feedback on my Platy
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Hi everyone and Happy New Years

I moved my platy into a spawning tank as she is getting very big and i would like to know if i am right and that she is pregnant. If she is should i leave her there for 2 weeks? i am just excited with silly questions as this is my first live bearer pregnancy :).

Any advice would be appreciated

pringleman1 01-01-2011 05:57 PM

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Happy new year as well.
It doesn't look very pregnant to me but im not an expert on livebearers yet.
I just had my third platy birth but with the first birth i was really anxious and excited about it too.
You should be able to see the gravid spot above the anal fin to tell if she is pregnant which I cant really see one on yours.
Here is a picture of mine a few days before here first birth, you can kinda see the gravid spot, and a little bit where she poops is sticking out i think thats the pregnancy tube.
She should square up as well just before she is going to drop the fry, the bottom of her belly should be rectangular almost.

Hope this helps

Ostara 01-01-2011 06:17 PM

If you can sex them and they are female, they are pregnant. ;-)

Livebearer females will be pregnant pretty much every day of their lives unless you totally separate them from males. Even if you separate them, if they have had any exposure to males they can store sperm from breedings and have multiple batches of fry in different stages of development at once, so they will still give birth for months afterward. I would not put them in the breeding trap (or death trap, as many call them) lest they stress themselves to death. Just provide cover for the fry in the main tank and the ones that are smart and fast enough to keep hidden will survive.

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