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Jessibel 12-29-2010 08:58 PM

Researching smaller fish to stock 14 gal after cycling... Anyone have Rasbora??
Forgive me for going for 'cute' fish... but these are the type that my girls would most likely love!

Advice on the following?

Boraras merah (Dwarf Borneo Rasbora) -- Are these too small to have in the tank with my current filter? I worry only because I have already found both a neon tetra and a glofish caught in the filter intake...

Boraras brigittae (Mosquito Rasbora) -- Same question as above...

How hearty are these fish? Are they difficult to care for? Any special considerations?
Now looking again, The profile says 'no mechanical filtration'... Does that mean what I think it does? Guess its probably a no-go. :-(

Could anyone suggest 2 or 3 types of small fish that i could have small schools of in the 14 gal?
I'm so afraid to overstock now.

cmc29 12-29-2010 09:32 PM

I keep rasbora espei. I believe they're also called "lambchop rasbora". I kept them in a 29 gallon, and now in a 45 gallon. They are smaller than the harlequin rasbora. They are slightly bigger than a neon. I wouldn't keep less than 5-7. In your 14 gallon you may have to settle for one school of fish that you love.
I prefer to think of stocking my tank in layers. The topmost layer is where the rasbora school mostly, dropping around midlevel occasionally. The bottom feeders provide activity there. I keep some kuhli loaches in one tank and i keep some shrimp in another. The rasboras were great with both the shrimp and kuhlis. The more fish you stock = more water changes and upkeep. Then again, you may be able to pull of two groups of schools if they school at different levels. This is all just my opinion, i'm not an expert. Good luck with your tank, it'll all be worth the worry soon enough.

Cmmc23 12-29-2010 09:49 PM

Tetras are always good, I enjoy the regular old neon tetras myself. Whatever you choose the fish profiles do have a lot of helpful info. Make sure if you are stocking two different schools they are both happy with the same temp and water parameters this is a huge mistake many people make and end up killing fish or having to swap fish in and out of your tank. Rummy nose tetras are also very fun, but require a little more knowledge ( diet and parameters.)

If you really want a colorful active tank danios or glowfish (genetically modified Danios) are fantastic! A very hardy active fish that really can't be killed. Just be sure to get a larger school of them, they will pick on eachother and be very mean if you don't have enough of them together.
This leaves the bottom of your tank wide open for some cory cats or some other type of bottom dwellers. Hope it helps!

mjbn 12-30-2010 12:26 AM

^^ Neon tetras(Blue, red, silver/white) are very pretty to watch, especially in groups of 7+. I have 7 in my 10G tank along with a tequila sunrise guppy(also very pretty, orange, red, white).

tanker 12-30-2010 12:41 AM

My suggestions are endlers or celestial pearl danios and panda corydoras for the bottom.

mjbn 12-30-2010 12:48 AM

What yoi cam do about the filter intake is buy/make a sponge prefilter. It hours over tje intake tube. You can buy one from petsmart. It's called fluval edge prefilter sponge.
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Jessibel 12-30-2010 06:21 AM

Thanks all! I will keep looking at the fish profiles while I wait for the tank to cycle... We did have one glofish (died :cry:) that the girls thought was the cutest thing, but someone else said it was a genetically modified species... so i thought maybe we shouldn't choose them... I'll take more recommendations and try to read up on all of them...

Cmmc23 12-30-2010 02:37 PM

Yeah the glofish is a danio but part of the genome from another glowing animal (usually a jellyfish or something along those lines) has been added. However the glo fish you buy in the store are just descendents from the orginally modified fish. It has been born with the color it has, it is not injected with dye or anything horrible like that.
Danios just happen to be the fish of choice for scientists (since they are so hard to kill) and the glofish was created for experiements, however people liked them so much they started breeding them.
The best part is money from each glofish sold goes back to scientific research. It's a really cool story if you want to look into it you can find articles all over the web.
I know other people don't like the glofish because it's not completely natural but I think they are very cute.

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