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Christople 12-27-2010 12:32 PM

how many in a 40 gallon
Hi I have an empty{no fish but mature} tank thats 40 gallons and I was wondering how many pairs of Microgeophagus ramzeri i could have in there. I got a female yesterday and the male doesnt seem to like her at some times but then other times follows her every where> he seems to kind of nip at her but does not do any damage. Are they paring or should I keep a careful eye on them, the male is nicer to her when the lights are out... I would be putting the new rams in the 40 and it has a measurement or 36x12x17

My lfs fish store the wet spot [which I trust a lot] said that I could have 2 maybe three... They are undoubtly my favorite fish store and take great care of there fish

sik80 12-27-2010 01:31 PM

more than one pair in your tank is asking for trouble in my opinion. If they decided to breed, the breeding pair would severely harass any others rams in the tank. Males are territorial and would need more space to set up thier own territories than you can provide. I have 2 male bolivian rams in a 55g well planted tank and they still find each other and are aggressive

Christople 12-27-2010 08:48 PM

ok thank you

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