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small fry 12-26-2010 06:27 PM

Careing for Ramshorn??

Reciently, I have fallen in love with assassin snails. They are probably the coolest FW invertabrate. I have setup a sand substrate tank just for the snails. Assassin snails favorite food is ramshorn. I am trying to have a ramshorn invasion in a controlled inviroment to raise as food for the assassin snail.

I have run into some problems, though. I have a sand substrate tank with no invert to burrow in the sand. I stir it up with my finger, but I really need a burrowing snail! I have heard that rammies don't burrow. What about pond snails? Do they burrow? Assassin snails like to eat those also (not as much as rammies).

Aslo, it is cycleing and I am worried about the toxicity. How sensitive are the rammies to tox? I also don't know how to feed them without makeing ammonia soup. What is the best way to feed the rammies and/or other snails that I might add (excludeing the assassin)?

Filtration is abit rough. I am useing the AquaTech 5-15 in a 5g tank. The water flow digs holes in the sand over a period of time. How can I control the flow?

I was wondering how fast rammies will multiply. e.g. 3 new snail, per ramshorn, per month, or something like that.

I might put a guppy or 3 in there when the cycle slows.

I am sure I forgot something but that is all I have for now.


sik80 12-27-2010 10:06 AM

pond snails don't burrow but malaysian trumpet snails will.

both rams and pond snails are pretty tough and will easily withstand cycling. they'll both eat algae and fish food.

zof 12-27-2010 03:46 PM

I've found the pond and ramshorn snails like to lay their eggs under driftwood or anything else they can get under and hide their clutch, although if not available they will put them almost anywhere. I'm pretty sure snails will nearly out live any fish during cycling so I wouldn't worry to much there. I think they will eat anything dead and organic including dead fish, you best bet to feed them though will be with vegetables as after its been in there a day or two you can pull out what ever is left so it doesn't start rotting.

small fry 12-27-2010 06:58 PM

What are they doing? They are just on the water line of the glass ALL DAY LONG. So boreing. As far as I know, they don't come down to eat...ever.:-(. Are they starving themselves? Would they make any kind of marking on veggies? I have lettuce in there, but they have hardly touched it. Should I manually place the snails on the veggies? Why are they at the top?


zof 12-28-2010 01:36 PM

If they are all at the top it sounds like a water quality issue, check your parameters as at all times mine always stay under water.

small fry 12-28-2010 10:52 PM

Thanks for the tip, zof. I think it is the tox. The tank is going through a very rough cycle.

I was worried because I didn't have a burrowing snail. I went to my lfs today to get a guppy to help with the cycle (I would keep up with the daily WC for the guppy while it was cycleing), when I noticed that many of the tanks were infested with MTS! I ask the employee how much she'd charge. She told me that they would infest my tank (I know, I want to get 2 assassin snails as pets!), I told her that that was Ok.

She gave them to me for FREE! About 6-12 of them. That is all I would take today, but I am sure the lfs will let me have more if I ask (especially because I am one of thier most loyal customers (small town)). Do those eat the same way? Now I need to learn how to take care of those too.:lol:

BTW, the only guppies they had were fancy guppies. Are those really delicate? I didn't know if they would survive the cycle. Does anyone reading this know anything about fancy guppies?

Thanks for the help everyone! The lfs might be able to order the Assassin snails within a month if I give them the Ok. Will that be a problem? Thanks!:-D

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