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Kazzy 12-26-2010 04:49 PM

Starting 10 Gallon Shrimp Tank
Well I've decided I'm not ready for saltwater so taking my clown fish to the lfs tomorrow. After that I'm going to start construction on a shrimp tank. So excited! My plans:
This will be a soil substrate tank with either a fine gravel or sand layer. Haven't decided on the plants just yet. Since I've read that blood worms help with soil substrates this tank will double as a blood worm breeder, and possible fish fry tank. I'll have a moss wall on the back. Most likely will use a under gravel heater (not sure of the exact name) to help with the plants and to keep the tank more natural looking. Hoping to be able to avoid a filter but we'll see how that goes.
Until I get started this tank will be used as a qt tank (found someone giving away mollies. His fish turned out to be males and females and very prolific lol). Expect bunches of pics!

james7139 12-31-2010 03:01 AM

I would go with coarse sand to fine gravel because it doesnt compact as easily as fine sand, I don't know about the under gravel heater, I don't know why, just sounds like a bad idea with the dirt.Also most fish fry ( especially livebearer fey) will absolutely feast on new born rcs, though I do keep fey win them, mine are very small( Betta fry And zebra danio fry) they are small. I also keep bullfrog tadpoles win them, which I DO NOT suggest as mine are large enough to eat a 1/4 on. Rcs.

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