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giarc721 05-13-2007 11:24 AM

yo yo loaches
i have three yo yo loaches and i put some japanese trapdoor snails in he tank thinking that the loaches would eat them. But it seems like they do not like them and the snail population is really booming. do loaches normally eat these? Also what can I get to help control the snail population. my tank is a 29 gallon with 3 yo yo loaches and 2 molly fry.

Enzo 05-13-2007 01:19 PM

clown loaches are the ones that eat the snails but only the small ones trapdoors would be ok i think my clownloac is my favorite fish i have and it never gotten sick at all even though theyre supposed to be prone to desease and yes i have no snails at all

bettachris 05-13-2007 01:40 PM

most loach species will eat snails.

But if they dont, i believe on of the best things to do is set a snail trap. Bassically a plastic cup with a piece of vegi on the bottom of it, let it sit overnight or for a few days and then you should have a cup of snails. then you can eliminate them that way.

i have a feeling that the talks of getting a clown loach will come up, but i am sure you are aware of the fact that clown loaches get massive, even though they have a slow growth rate. best o avoid in the long run.

jones57742 05-13-2007 01:48 PM

I am not familiar with the type of snail which you quoted but yoyo's, or a least mine, were "real snail infestation busters" for snails which were imported to my tank on plants.


Enzo 05-13-2007 03:44 PM

trapdoor snails are about the size of a loonie or bigger at the store the usually look like a rock covered in algae

tophat665 05-13-2007 04:53 PM

Well, most of the loonies around here are person sized, but you probably mean something else. I've seen trapdoor snails the size of a walnut before. Maybe 1" diameter (2.54cm).

I've got yoyos, and they really dig on snails. However, they need to get snails that aren't too small to geth their mouths on, nor too large to pull from their shells. Generally, when I throw a couple dozen pnd snails in there, I find a couple escape and go on to breed and grow. No infestation - the loaches get most of the eggs before they hatch and most of the snais when they're at the right size, but some of them survive.

leifthebunny 05-13-2007 09:10 PM


Originally Posted by tophat665
Well, most of the loonies around here are person sized, but you probably mean something else.

Loonie in Canada refers to the dollar coin which is about 1" in diameter.

tophat665 05-13-2007 10:09 PM

Picture of a loon on it? That would do it, I guess, and that's just about the size I was thinking. Way too big from any loach other than a full grown clown to handle. My guys tackle pond snails from the size of a Sesame seed up to the size of a pea. That's yoyos, angelicus, and striped loaches.

miagrrl 06-20-2007 01:23 AM

my yoyos kept my occasional snail or two under control

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