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fishr4life 05-13-2007 08:28 AM

what fish should i get
IM GETTING a 7 gallon and 22 gallon tank(s) what fish should i get

Lupin 05-13-2007 09:04 AM

Please give us a list of the fish choices you wish to keep. This will help us narrow down the list to suitable ones.

7 gallons will limit your choices.
1. Paradise fish-They are one of the hardy anabantids and will not require heater as much as bettas actually do.
2. Betta-One male only. No females should be placed in a tank with a male. There is always a chance she'll be bullied to death.
3. Trio of male guppies
4. Dwarf puffers
5. Otos
6. Dwarf species of cories
7. Boraras species (e.g. Boraras espei)

Make sure your water chemistry is stabilized. Any extreme changes will kill your fish in a short time.

misplacedsooner 05-14-2007 01:22 AM

agreed above with the seven gal., the 22 gal. youll have more options, just depends on what you like...excluding pacus, oscars and other large growing fish. make sure you know max size when you buy the little guys at your lfs. if you like cichlids shell dwellers are too cool and you could do them, maybe rams or apistos. really just starting out Id go with something hardy and fairly cheap, maybe some zebra danios, cory cats and some otos to start.
mike c.

frogman6 05-14-2007 03:37 PM

for the seven gallon i recomend dwarf puffers just get 2 or 3 tho and make sure its welll real or fake planted these guys are very fun to watch.

with the 22 gallon i would go with probaly a group of medium sized tetras some corys and a gourami and some shrimp like bamboo amano or ghost

good luck with the tank

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