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maleci 12-24-2010 06:53 PM

Sump return questions
So, I setup a nanocube a while ago and it has been doing great so far. The only downside is I'm having a lot of trouble with a lot of the upgrades since you can't really drill it out that easily. I found a used 55g I am toying with getting as an upgrade and have been looking at the hardware I will need to upgrade for it. I am planning to make a diy sump after i measure out the skimmer to get measurements. The biggest questions I have are about the return pump and in tank powerheads. For a 55g display and 20g sump what kinda power should I look for in a return pump? Right now I am looking at the danner mag drive 950gph as the return line with a 1 inch bullkhead for the overflow. Would that work or do I need to get a stronger pump/bigger bulkhead drilling? I'm looking at setting up for hydor k evolutions on a wavemaker for more watermovement as I want an sps tank with this. What gph should I get for them in combination to current generated from the return line?

JerseyBird97 12-25-2010 12:28 AM

I'd go bigger on both. I'm running a Maxi Jet 3000 (775 gph @ 4' head loss) through a 1.5" bulkhead overflow from glassholes and dual 3/4 returns. IMO I like to use the return flow to minimize usage of powerheads but since you want to use a wave maker to use the pump you're looking at use atleast 1.5" bulkhead and you'll be ok.

this site may help you:
All about bulkheads

also you'll need a check valve on your return line to prevent overflow in the event of a powerfailure. Don't make the mistake I did of trying to use the pvc ones that lowes or home depot sells. Use one of these:
True Union Swing Check Valve - Slip x Slip

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