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fishbut 12-22-2010 04:58 PM

golden nugget died today :(
today our golden nugget pleco (cliff) died :( we got him around three weeks ago and were not given any information about him at the fish shop apart from that he was an algae eater and fairly hardy.. upon arriving home we googled this pleco and found that they hardly live beyond three months due to starvation in transit... so we kept an eye on his stomache to see if it was concave as this was a sign and we had never seen him eat.. yesterday was the first time he actually came out of hiding and we assumed that he was settling but this morning we came downstairs to find him on his side and his stomache was severly sucked in.. we took him back to the store straight away but he sadly died... its more of a warning than anything as over the last few weeks i have read up so much about these and had i known it all i would never have got him.. the fish shop had no idea about any of the things i told them and after looking at the other golden nuggets they had they decided to withdraw them from sale.... just a warning really to be careful when looking to get one of these, they are beautiful fish but don't expect them to last long :(

lorax84 12-22-2010 07:13 PM

When dealing with any new pleco, especially one bought from an LFS, getting them to eat healthy is always the key. Not all plecos are algae eaters, most are omnivores and readily eat bloodworms, shrimp pellets and earthworm sticks. A few species, including L201 and L46, are almost completely carnivorous. Most LFS decide to stock a certain Pleco because it is eye catching but really don't know how to take care of it, leading to the result you experienced. I would strongly suggest researching any new plec thoroughly before buying. If you can find a breeder locally all the better. I am lucky enough to live 20mins from a LFS that breeds 18 types of pleco, but if you aren't that lucky aquabid is probably the best bet. At least then you know if you are getting wild caught or captive bred and the pleco will have eaten recently.

I have an L201 (Hypancistrus contradens) and he eats almost exclusively meaty food, while only occasionally nibbling veggies. I also rarely see him and usually have to move some driftwood when doing a water change to verify he is still alive, but every time I see him his belly is fat and he is doing fine.

I am curious where you read that gold nuggets live only 3 mo usually? Are you referring to wild caught plecos that have long shipping times to reach the store?

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