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mjbn 12-22-2010 11:48 AM

Black Kuhli Loach HELP!
So i got 3 BKL's from petsmart yesterday. They were on the brink of death as 2 were lying upside-down, and one was not moving, stuck on the intake of the filtration system there. I thought he was dead, but when the guy started fishing them out, he moved and i decided to save him. I ended up getting all 3, the last ones. All were slowly introduced to the new water/tank and left in their bag for at least 45 mins before i let 2 of them free. The one that was stuck to the intake had some torn skin/cuts from the intake, i'm guessing, and i put him in a .5G tank and let it float in my main tank and added some aquarium salt to help prevent infection. All showed GREAT recovery this morning.The one that showed no life at the store, stuck to the intake, looks great, besides the cuts. I decided to let him go and see how they do. I'm just worried about him, hoping his wounds don't get infected. They're still hiding alot though, but they look much better than at the store. Still not eating though. Dropped a tablet in the main tank and 1/2 of a tablet in the .5G tank last night around 9-10PM, woke up and the food is untouched. Removed it to prevent rotting recently. Anyway to help them feel more comfortable? the substrate is gravel, although i've kept an eye for any bodily damage from it. Seems fine for now. As for hiding spots, there are multiple plants, caves, ornaments, etc. for the 3 to hide in. I'm planning on getting 2 more if i can find them anywhere, to add to security within the school. Any advice on how to get them more active/happy? THANKS!

amberjade 12-22-2010 11:07 PM

My best advice is to get more (they do well in groups of 7+) and change your substrate to sand. Honestly, these guys adore sand to burrow in. Mine eat everything - flakes, pellets, algae wafers. I have 9.

Oh, and don't use salt. They are very sensitive to it. Keep the water ultra clean and that will help them more than anything. :). They are very shy at first, but given time and enough in the group, they will entertain you for hours. Oh, they dont like bright light. :)
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mjbn 12-22-2010 11:21 PM

Okay! Thanks, im trying to get atleast two mor, but I can't find them anywhere):
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