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seo 05-12-2007 09:16 AM

I finally did it!
Ok, so I asked a question a while back about cichlids in a 10 gallon and was met with hesitation! So, I put the tetras into the 10 gallon and finally got a handful of mawli (spelling?) cichlids last night! Wow!!! Why didn't I do this before! They are amazing fish! So alert and fun to watch! I truly "get" what you all have been saying about falling in love with these critters! Thank you for the advise and push I needed to get this done! I think this is becoming an obsession! :)

So, a few questions- what should I feed these little guys to get them fat and happy (they're babies right now) Any words of wisdom I need to know? Off to the board to read as much as I can about these fascinating little fish!


Lupin 05-12-2007 11:34 AM

Seo, were you saying you mix the tetras and Malawi cichlids(unless I am mistaken with Mawli) in one tank and in a ten gallons?:shock: I'll explain as much as I can.

1. Water parameter requirements
Tetras originated from soft, acidic waters although you will be forgiven to keep them in totally different water conditions as they have been domestically-bred for several generations so captive-bred ones can adapt better and more quickly than the wild ones. Malawi cichlids, on the other hand, came from hard, alkaline waters. This is beyond doubt quite a large difference between what should be the water parameters for the correct environment for both species to thrive.

2. Temperament
Cichlids do have varying personalities however, some cichlids have the personalities too terrible to face with other fish from different origins. Tetras are generally peaceful and will not tolerate being dominated or even constantly harassed by fish whose belligerence is far compared to their counterparts living with the tetras such as the apistos. IMO, Rift Vallet cichlids are not ideal community fish except on their own.

3. Size
There is not many Lake Malawi cichlids available in the aquarium trade that will fit the ten gallons perfectly. Lake Tanganyikan shelldwellers however fit the bill.

Overall, Malawi cichlids are not your perfect choices. The only cichlids that will fit in a ten gallons are a pair of either of the blue rams or apistogrammas but be careful with this as dwarf cichlids are far too sensitive to water conditions and a small tank often has extreme changes. A bigger tank is more forgiving in this case.

misplacedsooner 05-13-2007 04:12 AM

you said it ... shell dwellers , I love em, they are alert and so comical to watch. I have mutis in a 10 gal. and they are great.
mike c.

seo 05-14-2007 08:30 AM

Oops! Sorry, my fingers were typing faster than my brain! What I meant to say was that I put my tetras into a 10 gallon and put the cichlids into a 30 gallon! After a few days of watching them, they are still very amazing. Thanks to all the good tips this board has to offer. I can't wait to watch what they do!

Thanks for the advice!

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