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haemosu 12-21-2010 08:32 PM

My Oto is discoloured HELP!
Hey people,

I need help with my oto catfish fast. 1 week ago, I found him stuck in one of my decors. He was trapped one whole day plus over night. So i snipped the decor and freed him but there was a abrasion on his head, front to the dorsal fin. As a physical injury, I was hoping it'll heal but sometime later, a whitish fluff developed on the injury spot. He might be a little fin-clamped too, though I cant confirm as I may be paranoid. I quarantined him and placed him in methyl blue yesterday, thinking it is probably fungus or inflammation. He seemed more active and his fins appeared less clamped. However this morning I checked, he had turned discoloured generally. I am able to see his organs through his translucent body from the top.

1. My tank is 15litres, quarantine tank 5 litres.

3. Freshwater aqaurium

4. I've set up the tank for over 1 month
5. I have another oto catfish. She's fatter and lively. 4 cherry shrimps that are healthy and molt regularly. They are in the 15 litre tank now.

6. Quarantined for slightly less than 24 hrs now. Medication is "TetreMedica General Tonic" Its active ingredients are Ethacridine-lactate, Acriflavine, Methylene Blue, and saminoacridine-hydrochloride. Could it have changed the pH so much to stress my poor oto?

7. 27 degrees to 28.5 degrees. I live in the tropics.

8. 3 sets of live plants plus one plastic plant in the 15 litre tank. I brought over 1 plant to the quarantine tank for my oto to hide.

9. Both tanks using drip filters. THe 15 litre has activated carbon, the 5 litre doesn't have activated carbon.

11. Yes it does receive mild sunlight but filtered by the blinds at the window. I'll try to maintain a lighted environment of 12 hrs.

12. I changed the water weekly using distilled water and add "microbe-lift/XTreme" to add buffer and electrolytes. I also added some nitryfying bacteria initially.

13. I feed at least in the morning and night. using ALgae wafer and sometimes boiled vegetables like zuchinni and cucumber. I've a prawn feed for the prawns, although sometimes the Otos go for that instead of their own food.

14. white fluff on the head in front of the dorsal fin. could be rubbed off. currently in the quarantine tank it the "fungus" seemed to be less prominent, but my oto has discoloured so much over a day. partially transparent now.

15. I guessed it must have been a physical abrasion leading to some fungus. Or could it have been just part of the healing process? I'm not sure if I should place the Oto back into the 15 litre tank for it is probably stressed by the medication.

I'm thinking of moving the Oto back to the old tank. The fish shop person said that I should quarantine for 3 days when I bought the medication. Do you guys have any suggestion as to what shoudl I do now or the possible problems?

Thanks so much people, have a great day.


Romad 12-22-2010 04:45 AM

If it were me, I'd keep him seperate for at least two week with very frequent water changes. Hope he's doing better.

haemosu 12-22-2010 09:34 AM

Yeah thanks Romad, i changed the water a bit and think he's slightly better. i'll take a closer look tml

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