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Needhammer 05-11-2007 12:18 PM

Tank Reeks
I have started up a new tank and have cycled with fish. Everything is good from what I can see. Ph ammonia levels are normal and fish seem to be just fine. I did have a small heater that I believed wasn't enough to heat the tank. I was wrong and the heat shot up. Not to a critical stage but on the cusp about 80 degrees. I did lower it back down but I am curious to why this smell is coming from the tank. Its a 55 gallon tank with 2 30 gallon filters. I believe that as I lowered the temp the smell went down, either that or opening the windows did alot of good. :twisted: :evil: :x :oops: :lol: :shock: :arrow:

Enzo 05-11-2007 12:20 PM

amonia spike i just went through it

jones57742 05-11-2007 02:40 PM


Originally Posted by Enzo
ammonia spike i just went through it


Are you sure this is the cause of Needhammer's odors?


A properly maintained tank with more than adequate biological and mechanical filtration should not exhibit an odor.

The only times that I can perceive an odor emanating from my tank is when I am feeding one of my home made recipes in which I have increased the garlic content.

I do not have a problem with the "suck on the end of the tube" method for starting a siphon for my tank although I would not recommend it for folks without "a bunch" of mechanical and biological filtration media which is functioning.

In order to be of any help I need to know the "flavor of the odor":
ie: rotten egg, ammonia, trash dump, etc.


Needhammer 05-11-2007 03:05 PM

Well I guess its more of a rotten egg smell. I have two different filters one is a Penguin 150 with a biowheel and the other is a filter with the different media types. Now the tank is still cycling, so I am not sure if this will just pass by. When i get back home I will go through and test the water again.

leifthebunny 05-11-2007 03:56 PM

Is the water cloudy? I ran into this problem because food was getting lodged under my hornwort (which has been removed) and molding.

Needhammer 05-11-2007 04:16 PM

It's just a bit cloudy

Amphitrite 05-11-2007 04:32 PM

How often are you doing water changes, and how do you clean the substrate? Do you use a gravel vac?

Also, could you give exact readings for ammonia, nitrate and nitrate?

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