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small fry 12-19-2010 09:22 PM

Please help! Have 3 new ghost shrimp. What now?
Hello! I am kinda nervous. I got 3 ghost shrimp at walmart tonight. I regret that I have not done as much prior research as I typically do before purchaseing an animal, but I haven't been able to get GS for the past 5 months!

I had a filtered tank that was emtpy. It has been cycled, but what worried me is the nitrates are at about 35ppm! I know that GS are incredibally sensitive to any amount of toxicity. I am doing some back-to-back WC to try to help get that stuff down.

I need to know what to feed them. That is right, small fry forgot to do research. I have algae wafers and (I hate to mention this...) shrimp pelets. They are in a tank w/ gravel and Java Moss.

I also need to know what gets on their bad side (kills them). These are common maintainence items that I use; Prime...actually, I think that is it. Is Prime ok? The water is medicated with it right now.

I also need to know about shrimp diesases. I have them in my Tony's old 1.5g to Quarantine them, if this process is necesary. What kind of diesases can shrimp get? What do I need to see that shows if they are healthy.

I know it is alot. If you can answer 1 or all questions that would be greatly appreciated. I am quite nervous about this.


luckysarah 12-19-2010 09:31 PM

Ghost shrimp will eat anything from another dead shrimp to flake food to algae thins. Mine don't eat the plants though or actively pick the algae off the glass/plants.

They are sensitive to copper.

I had 5 doing well and once I started dosing with flourish I am down to 2.

But I have heard they don't live very long anyways and are often mistreated (primarily sold as feeders) so often deaths can be a mystery.

But they have been fine with my fish, hold their own and don't bother them. They do a good job at cleaning up.

I have no idea about the diseases but they do turn whiteish/brown when they are about to die... and they turn pink when they are dead.

aunt kymmie 12-19-2010 09:33 PM

I've never kept GS but I do have two RCS farms. My RCS will eat algae wafers and shrimp pellets, heck, they are scavengers and will eat just about anything. Not sure if ghosts are the same way but I would think so.
Prime is fine, it's what I use. Prime doesn't "medicate" the water, it conditions the water by removing and detoxifying ammonia, nitrates, etc. You should use Prime each and every time you do a water change.
I know nothing about "shrimp" or "invert" diseases. You talk about QT'ing them. Are you going to be adding them to another tank that does not have any inverts, only fish? If so, no need to QT them since inverts don't carry or harbor anything that will negatively affect your fish. There are certain medications that we use to treat fish for different illnesses and some of those meds contain copper. Copper will kill inverts so you can't use those particular meds in a shrimp tank. So, that sums up what little info I know about shrimp. Hopefully others will be along to help.

small fry 12-19-2010 09:35 PM

Great [sarcastically]...if you ask me what color my shrimp were, I would tell you that they were a whiteish brown.:-(

I guess they wont live that long. Oh, well! They are just mainly for pets. Got the 3 of them for less than $1.:roll:

small fry 12-19-2010 09:46 PM

Sorry aunt kymmie, I didn't see your post. If there is no harm in adding them to FO tanks, then I will see how well Tony (my betta) and 1 GS will get along. 1 can stay in the "QT" tank. I guess I can put 1 in my amazon QT. Thanks for the help aunt kymmie!:-D

aunt kymmie 12-19-2010 11:29 PM

Welcome, as always! Maybe they are a tad brownish due to the stress of a new tank? I know any time I add new Discus to my display they are dark, dark, dark, until they get used to the tank and let go of the stress, then their color comes back. Perhaps, hopefully, that's what's happening with your GS. Good luck!

small fry 12-20-2010 09:47 AM

I hope that the dark color is just stress. They are actually pretty clear today, except mite, he still has a brown spot right on one spot of his back. Hey aunt kymmie, doesn't Calmwaters have GS? I am thinking maybe she does?

When it comes to shrimp, what amount of nitrates will kill them? How much is bad, but not deadly? What is a good amount? I still don't know what the nitrates should be at. I know 35ppm isn't great for fish, but will it kill the shrimp (that is the level of nitrates I have right now)?

I moved one of the GS to my 10g amazon QT/HT. The Tetras were abit curious (and still are when he swims next to them), but when I got up this morning to check, he was fine. Not even a damaged intennae (or whatever those things are lol).

I think they are doing fine. At least I hope so.

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