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Sadie 05-10-2007 08:49 PM

question for after max treatment and some signs still there
I have been treating for a bacterial ionfection in both tanks and have posted on this previously. I have been using Maracyn and Maracyn II and this is night #9. Meds state can only be repeated once so what do I do if there are still signs of disease?? I only have one more night to go.

The one that was on death's door and was going to be euthanized is actually eating on occasion and is coming out on occasion but for the most part stays under the sponge filter. The white on his sides is almost all gone, just traces now. In the other tank it never got to the same extreme but the platys in that tank still have faint cloudy spots and on the plus side their color is vibrant again.

I have done at least 25% water changes every night and a couple of times 50% because my ammonia params are out of whack and I think it was the 2nd or 3rd night I had minimal nitrites but that was remedied with a water change. The ammonia in both tanks has been between .25 and .5 I know the meds say this can happen but I didn't really think it would.

The males seem to be the ones affected the most and have a good bit of damage. I don't know if is from the disease or from rubbing.

Is there something else I could use to continue a less aggressive approach?? Would Pimafix or something else be benefical in this case??
**edited** sorry meant Melafix (I have both)****

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,


NeonJulie 05-11-2007 08:34 AM

Well I'm glad to hear that the antibiotics have actually improved your situation... just curious but have you tried a regiment of good clean water very regularly? At this point it might be a good idea to let the fish's own immune system and good bacteria recover, and just try a daily water change regiment.

There's a spectrum of ideas when it comes to treatment... some people think antibiotics are more harmful and stress the fish out further, and that good clean water is the best medicine. Some other things you can try for bacterial issues could be garlic supplemented into their diet, or Melafix. Pimafix is for fungal treatment, so it's not likely to work unless you have a secondary problem on top of the bacteria issue - however THAT's entirely possible... sick fish aren't able to fight off normal things.

I would personally go for good water changes to get the meds out, run carbon, and give the fish everything they need for a period of time, maybe one to two weeks, to help fight things off. If it hasn't gone away by then, try the Melafix and garlic. (Although I have yet to see Melafix ever work for me. :/)

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