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gaygaz 12-18-2010 08:04 PM

help with discus fish
Hi all. I have 5 angel fish one large red melon and 4 smaller once witch are a yellow diamond a blue diamond a white diamond and a blue turquoise diamond. Most of them have the symptoms of shimmy and the large red melon keeps glancing or rubbing its self agents an ornament in the tank as if it is itchy.

I am changing 20 percent of the water every 3 days witch is around 40 ltrs and i have the temp at 82f or 28 deg c
I am cleaning the gravel each time i do a water change being careful not to over clean it.

I am also using 3 tri sulpher tablets witch is a half dose because i have clown loaches in the tank.

Is there anything more i can do ? I also have some black spot on some of them with some darkening of the large fins.

Thanks Gary xx.

aunt kymmie 12-18-2010 08:38 PM

Hi Gary, sorry your having problems. Exactly how many fish, besides the clowns and discus, are in the tank? How many clowns do you have? What size is the tank? What size are your discus? (ie: 2", 3")
How long has your tank been set up? How recent are your discus additions and how long have you had them? What are you feeding your discus? Is the tank planted?

Ich presents as white spots, not dark. I would not treat Ich with tri-sulpher, if this is indeed Ich we are dealing with. Clown loaches are VERY susceptible to Ich and if you are not seeing white spots on your clowns I would have to say that it isn't Ich.

Darkening edges on fins, or turning dark iin general, usually means the discus is very stressed. I'm not familiar with symptoms of "shimmy". Are you referring to some type of illness that you are calling "shimmy", or are the discus displaying a "shimmering" behavior??
What are your water parameters? The more details you can provide, the better.
Are you able to post any pics of the discus, especially the ones with the "dark spots"??

The one and most immediate thing you can do, which I would do if it was my tank (and it's not) is to start doing daily water changes. Nothing improves the health of discus better and faster than an abundant supply of good, clean fresh water. What are you using as your water conditioner? We really need to know your water parameters.

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