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harleygirl 12-18-2010 07:52 PM

New to Salt Water
I am thinking about setting up a salt water tank but the more I read the more confussed I am. I was thinking about getting the marine fish setup that my local petstore sells but after reading here not sure that is the way to go. It is a 29 gallon and is supposed to have everything I need for 245.00 plus I need to buy the live rock and sand. Does this sound like a good deal or should I look into getting a bigger tank but then I would need a filter and everything. If you could advice me where to begin tha would be great.

JerseyBird97 12-18-2010 08:08 PM

You were probably looking at a biocube. Those are very versatile tanks. Search then on youtube. If you buy a package or do a total DIY... it's going to be pricey. If I were to do my setup again I would do it slower I mean it took 4 months as it is but I was building a stand from scratch and drilling my tank and I'm still not really done. Just be sure you have everything you need before you add water, then make sure everything works properly before adding anything living.

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