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rocky00 05-10-2007 11:52 AM

too much co2?
i just setup my diy co2 kit onto a power head on my 30 gallon tank, it would make bubbles 1 every second, sometimes 2 every second. it's working great but

my water is turning green, too much co2?

so i am doing a 30% water change right now.

anyone have experience with yellow/green water?

fish_4_all 05-10-2007 12:27 PM

How heavily planted is your tank? What else do you dose as far as fertilizers? How much light do you have an what type?

If you added CO2 and instantly got green water it is usually a sign of inadequate fert dosing. It can also be a sign that the plant biomass is too low to need CO2.

rocky00 05-10-2007 02:49 PM

it's semi medium planted

5 grown amazon plants
2 little ones
4 anacharis
and 3 other tall plants i cant identify
about 2 cups of java moss

bio-complete substrate

and i dose flourish excel a capful once a week.

all in 30 gallon.

ammonia 0
nitrate 10
ph 10

changed 20% this morning
doing 40% now

Lonewolfblue 05-10-2007 09:44 PM

Some common reasons for greenwater is too much light, direct sunlight, or a water parameter problem. CO2 does not cause greenwater. If could be that with the CO2 being added, other ferts are being taken up faster, causing one to drop out. Also, Excel should be dosed daily, not once a week. The way it works, if dosed once a week, it's not doing you any good at all.

tigger 05-12-2007 04:49 PM

If you have green water, you may not clear it by water changes alone - water changing will just keep feeding the algae bloom. You may have to resort to using a UV filter or doing a blackout for a few days in order to clear this.

However, as indicated, the causes will remain if you don't get to the bottom of the outbreak. In a tank where there is a lot of light, either artificial or direct sunlight, you need to maintain a balance between lights, ferts and CO2 (and plants of course) to ensure that your plants will outcompete the algae every time.

Good luck.

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