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Mike 09-22-2006 09:43 AM

Track My Tank Entry Format
Hi gang,

The entries for Track My Tank were looking kind of cramped with all of the levels displayed horizontally.

I made the numeric levels vertical so that there would be more room for other entires and stats for each record.

However, this view detracts from the ability to just look at a single column and see how the numbers have changed.

Which do you prefer?

Rebecca 09-22-2006 11:38 AM

This is just a suggestion, and I'm not sure how it would work, but maybe it would be possible to have like 3 or 4 wide columns, each a different entry date. So you'd have your column of numbers, and next to that is the next date. They could be pretty wide since there would only be a few dates parallel, and then you'd have to scroll down for the next set of dates. Then you could compare the entries at least with some dates.

jsm11482 09-22-2006 01:26 PM

My suggestion is that you put the levels back in the horizontal form, and either...

1) add a second row for each reading which displays the event, comment, etc

2) don't show the event, comment, etc on this screen but add a details button next to the reading.

The levels are MUCH easier to compare when they are in a horizontal manner.

Mike 09-25-2006 03:49 PM


What do you think of the Track My Tank entries formatted this way? By taking the headings out, replacing them with numbers, and using a key it saves a lot of horizontal space. Do you think this makes it appear unduly complicated?

jsm11482 09-25-2006 04:01 PM

Awww you used my tank as the example, how sweet!

Instead of number can you put the chemical abbreviation?

Ammonia = NH3
Nitrite = NO2
Nitrate = NO3
Calcium = CA
Phosphate = PO4

It may be more confusing for some people (like me) but it at least makes sense...or color code the columns, Ammonia could be salmon, nitrate could be light green, etc and use a color coded key.

I vote for the color idea over the chemical symbols since it will be easier to discern.

Mike 09-26-2006 08:59 AM

Taste the rainbow
Using the chemical symbols would make the labels wider and leave less room for everything else, so the color coding idea is probably better. I'm not sure, though, how nice all of the little rainbows will look :P Does anyone else have any feedback/input before we give it a try?

jsm11482 09-26-2006 09:55 AM

Colors will be much easier to identify than numbers, and you can use light colors like pastels...use the inner most tip of the triangle, on this site: i.e. the Pale Weak colors.


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