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ghostgirl 12-14-2010 06:12 PM

Leaves have brown "algae"
I have 3 snails but they are not doing a good enough job for my tank. I actually have more algae now then I did before I got them but I also got a new light. I am planning on getting a pleco tomorrow to help with the algae on my rock, tunnels and gravel. My main concern though is my plants; mainly my swords; they have what looks to be brown algae growing on the leaves. Is there anything I can do? my ammonia is at .25ppm (getting some ammonia lock when I pick up my pleco), ph is 7.4, nitrites are 0 and nitrates are at 30. ppm. I am going to be getting some hornwort, water sprite and wisteria to help control the nitrates.

125 gallon
9 guppies
2 neon tetras
5 bala sharks
3 nerite snails
2 tiny hitchhiker snails that disappear into the overflow that I can't identify

13 swords
6 small banana plants
3 water lettuce
4 anubias
3 anachris
1 crypto something or other
5 plants I don't know what they are but they have been growing well

Redknee 12-14-2010 06:27 PM

I'd add some PO4 and more plants, get a ballance betwen NO3 and PO4(do some tests and try to keep NO3/PO4 at a 16/1 ratio).
But more plants are a must.
What light do you use? Some lights are actually huge algae boosters.
What do you fertilise with and how much? In order for plants to kick algae butt they need good ferts and light.
There is a serious imballance in your tank and it has to do with the high NO3 and probably very low PO4 and the light might also be a big problem.
Also how old is the tank? Did it cycle? What filter do you use? That ammonia should not be there is the tank is stable. Also the 30ppm NO3 means a lot of fish poop and a lot of decaying food. How much and often do you feed?
P.S 3 algae eating snails in 125G is like asking an ant to move a car. Tho they do eat algae like mad they can never clean a tank that size. You would need atleast 20-15 of them to give them a fair chance.

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