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KishFeeper 05-09-2007 02:20 AM

RedEye Tetra Problem
Hey i just have a couple questions and a problem.

Problem is i have 4 red eye tetras (i used to have 8 but 4 of them died from dropsy or a internal bacterial infection or even ulcers) now i have 1 who is not looking good at all but is swimming fine still, i have 2 that there scales are starting to lift and 1 that is doing fine.

1st Question is should i put them down??

2ed Is if i shouldn't put them down what should i do?? Do not add treating them because i have tryed that several times obviously it didn't work

I do not want to put them in one of my 10 gallons because it only takes up space and + the last time i did that it did not work for the tetras that where sick. I do not need to give my info about my nitrates or w/e bc its not anything to do with that, They have had this diseases for months now (I have tryed treating them several times but that didn't work) i just would like to know what i should do with these 4 fish because i know they all are infected, Thing is (Touch wood) none of my other fish have been infected. I just recently had a nitrate spike about a month ago so i lost about 10 fish .

I just need a second or third opinion before i make any moves

bettababy 05-10-2007 01:32 AM

Honestly, without any other information about your tank and your water parameters, or the history of the problem, there isn't much anyone can tell you.
Besides the usual information, I would also have to ask which medications were tried, for how long, and how long in between them, if carbon was run and for how long between the different meds, and anything else that you could think to tell me about the situation.

What you are asking us to do is the same as if you walked into a dr's office, sat down and said "don't bother asking about my symptoms because I've had this problem for months and I've tried medications and they don't work..." but can you help me decide what to do, life or death decision?

Please give us an honest chance to help and post the info requested in the sticky in this forum titled "please read before posting", along with the information of the history of this problem, as much as you can think to tell, including the names of all meds used, and how long they were used.

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