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tomato 12-11-2010 09:28 AM

Hey from North Carolina!
I just wanted to say hello! Iíve been browsing the site for the past week and it always amazes meÖjust when you think you know quite a bit about a subject, there is so much more to learn! :-)
Iíve kept tanks, ranging from 5 gallon to 29 gallons off and on for 30 plus years. I currently have a 29 gallon tank with mostly guppies and tetras; I usually go for the tropical community aquarium. The live bearers, I have to say, are my favorites.
I am getting a 55 gallon tank and stand for Christmas and I found this site while researching the lighting and filter I want to purchase for this new aquarium.
I look forward to learning a lot from you and this site!

Romad 12-11-2010 10:19 AM

Hello Donna :wave:

Welcome to the forum. You'll find lots of information and helpful people here. Kudos to you on the 55 gallon. My addiction started with a 45 gal. hex that my bf gave me for Christmas 2 years ago.

thefishboy 12-11-2010 10:42 AM

Hello and welcome..

badxgillen 12-12-2010 12:42 AM

awsome a 55....and well you can always learn more...and this is a good place to do beares kick booty...any endlers

Byron 12-19-2010 06:06 PM

Hi Donna and welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping forum. Glad you found us.


aunt kymmie 12-20-2010 10:15 AM

Welcome to TFK, Donna. We are very glad you found us.
What a GREAT Christmas gift. :-)

dfbiggs 12-20-2010 07:27 PM

Hi Donna! Welcome to TFK. There's an awesome bunch of people here.

jcinnb 12-20-2010 08:55 PM

Hey, from New Bern. I am assembling a 55 gal over Christmas, too. Good luck to you.


willow 12-24-2010 03:04 PM

hello and welcome. :)

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