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KatG 12-10-2010 07:50 PM

Clithon corona? And if so, what now?!
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These two little stowaways came on some Frog Bit (plant) I recently purchased.

My Hoplo was immediately interested and, um, gave them a little hello 'taste'. They dropped to the Black Sand (aka Black Slag). Don't think they liked that too much. I put them right at the base of the glass and they immediate started crawling up. One ended up on the heater and the other disappeared. Couldn't find it for a couple of days and was eyeballing the Hoplo as the biggest suspect.

Then the second dropped and didn't appear to move for a day. Suspected it was dead and I put it on a rock and on it's back, assuming it would flip over if it was alive. Next time i checked, it was on the substrate, again just lying there. Assumed it was dead but put it in a glass with tank water, just in case. It didn't move but when i went to remove it to compost it, it was 'stuck' to the glass so i was confused again. Then the other showed up randomly lying on the substrate again (can/ do they burrow?). So I carefully put both on their backs in the glass with tank water and an hour or two later they both had righted themselves and 'glued' themselves to the glass.

So they clearly are not fans of the Black Slag. The Hoplo "knows" they're food but can't figure out how to eat them without getting stabbed. Keep putting them back on the Frog Bit but the littlest one keeps dropping, but then can't/ doesn't go anywhere because (I assume) the black slag isn't so easy to crawl on. How do I try to take care of these teeny little guys? I have some beard algae growing on wood. Have put one on that, but it doesn't seem to be moving or doing anything. :-(

SinCrisis 12-16-2010 01:20 PM

ohh i wish i could find some of these guys where im from.. They are kinda rare.

Snails should be ok on sand, Malaysian trumpets are ok on them and my apples dont seem to mind them...

I dont think they eat BBA, from the online sources i could find, none state that it will eat BBA and usually fish or inverts that eat BBA are noted as BBA eaters since its one of those really hard to get rid of algaes.

Below is an info link i found.

dfbiggs 12-16-2010 03:21 PM

You are lucky to get these as stowaways. Especially the corona nerites...I still don't see those in any LFSs. I only see the zebras. I have kept 3 breeds of nerites one of them is the corona. 99% of the time when you get nerites ina shipment it will take them a few days to feel comfortable enough to start being active. When I had gotten them for the first time I thought all of them were dead but they were alive. Ways to tell if they are dead is if their door is open and you touch them and they dont move. If there shell is closed or partially closed they are alive. Last resort and the grossest resort is to smell them...if it is unbearable then it is probably dead.

As far as their habits I have learned that coronas like to stick to rocks or decorations. I rarely see then on the glass or on the substrate. I know they clean green algae off rocks real well but I have never had the BBA to see whether they are interested or not.

Also some ideal parameters....not sure how experienced you are so I don't mean to sound like I am insulting your intelligence..

They need hardwater pH above 7. Their water/diet needs to be calcium enriched so their shell won't erode. you could through a cuttlebone in the tank. That works real well. They can live in FW, Brackish, Saltwater. They will leave loads of white eggs but they will not hatch unless they are in Brackish or saltwater.

They won't be as active if they feel with a big catfish in their neighborhood.

BTW..I haven't ever seen one like the brown one on the right.

Hope this helps!


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