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cichlidfan45 12-08-2010 05:19 PM

Getting an arowana questions
ok so i am set on getting an arowana within the next 2 years. I want to know some of the types there are and what size tank will work? i dont have room for a 300g or anything mabe a 200g. i want to know some tankmates and the arowanas aggression level? thank you

bettababy 12-13-2010 01:38 AM

If 200 gallons is your max tank size then an arrowana is not a fish for you. Regardless of which specific species of arrowana you find, 200 gallons is not large enough to raise one to adult size or keep it healthy long term. Tank mates for an arrowana in a 200 gallon tank... don't exist. Anything that could fit in there with the arrowana would be food, arrowanas tend to be very aggressive and have huge appetites.

That is a fish that doesn't belong in the fish hobby because it is not suitable for the average home aquarium.

Nomo 02-02-2011 01:09 PM

Although new here, I must disagree with the previous post. My family has owned silver arowanas since the late 70's (aka: since I can remember) and never in a tank larger than 150 gallons.

Our arowanas were always healthy and lived LONG lives. My brother, in his 150 gallon, raised an arowana that he eventually had to part ways with as he was moving. He sold it to a LFS and the owner stated it was the biggest, most colorful silver arowana he ever saw (and this LFS is the best LFS I've ever seen). This fish was measured at 34" from behind the glass.

I will concur that tankmates for an arowana are scarce and not recommended for a tank of the sizes you suggested.

Arowanas can be calm and peaceful... some are psychotic killers. It depends on the individual. My brother's large arowana above, was raised on pellet food, crickets... occassionally eating feeder goldfish. However, there was ONE goldfish his arowana did not eat... ever. It was a black/brown feeder put into the arowana's tank when it was about 1.5" long. Well, while all other goldfish had long since been eaten, this goldfish lived... and lived... and lived. Eventually, the goldfish grew to about 8-9" long. Could never figure it out, but the arowana and this goldfish were buddies... swimming alongside one another for YEARS!

When my brother moved and the arowana went to live at the LFS, the goldfish went to live in my Dad's koi pond. It lived a great life out there for about 10 years. Actually, the thing may still be alive at my brother's koi pond!

Just remember, arowanas eat alot, are messy and need excellent fitration for optimum health. They need space to turn (wide tank is a good idea). Feed it mostly pellets (from a young age) and some crickets... do your research. Of course, the bigger the tank, the better... but anything about 150+ gallons is ok.

Growing up, as kids, my brother would feed my Dad's arowana frogs, mice, snakes... anything it could fit in its mouth. Of course my Dad didn't know about this...

Backer 02-02-2011 01:14 PM

I don't know if it is suggested but the HUGE arowana at my local LFS has 2 freshwater stingrays that live in his tank with him. That's my little piece of info haha.

Good Luck

fan4guppy 02-05-2011 01:30 AM

Common Names
Scientific Names
Max. Size
African Arowana Heterotis niloticus
Clupisudis niloticus ? 40"+Arowana,
Silver Arowana,
Snow Arowana ? Osteoglossum bicirrhosum 48"+Black Arowana Osteoglossum ferreirai 40"+Asian Arowana,
Barramundi Scleropages formosus 36"+Jardini Arowana,
Northern Arowana Scleropages jardini 36"+Leichardti Arowana,
Spotted Barramundi Scleropages leichardti 36"+

Generally I would think that you would need a tank larger than the fish itself as well as having room to swim around considering an Oscar is generally recommended for a 50 gallon tank which is four feet long and the oscar may be about 15 inches long you can take those numbers in regards to figuring out a size of tank that you should have for an arrowana.

Arrowana species get huge although some may crowd the Arrowana in 200 hundred gallon tanks at 3 feet long. The advice given by a previous poster does have merit.

Generally when it comes to larger fish the tank size should be 4 times the lenght of the fish for to give the fish area to swim around.

I would have to agree with the above poster that Arrowanas should not be kept by home aquarists unless a proper size Tank and Proper Nutrition is provided.

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