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CtLaxin 05-07-2007 08:00 PM

My Growing tank, problems?
So I have acquired my brothers fish tank since he doesn't want to bring it back to college. When he had it, it was stocked with two angelfish and a pleco. But since then, one of the angelfish died and my brother added a blue lobster to it. Then recently I added an Irridesecent shark and an Ocsar

Fish in 20 Gallon tank:
1 Angel Fish
1 Pleco
1 Blue Lobster
1 Irridesecent Shark
1 Oscar

Although I haven't seen any problems yet, I was wondering what were some of the problems I may face with having these fish together. O yea and the lobster is not aggressive at all and doesn't mind other fish being very close to her.

drag 05-07-2007 08:16 PM

The pleco and oscar will grow waaayyy too big for the 20 gallon. I think you need a 55 gallon for the pleco, but I'm not sure. But I'm sure others here will be able to tell you what size you would need for them.

tangy 05-07-2007 08:23 PM

yes, and the oscar will become a real menace be the time he outgrows the tank.

Lupin 05-07-2007 08:24 PM


I'd ask what pleco species is that. Assuming it's a common plec, 55 gallons is the minimum.

Angelfish-They do not fit the 20 gallons on long-term basis unless for rearing and breeding purposes. Minimum tank height of 18 inches is strictly recommended. This fish has a body diameter size of over 6 inches if conditions are favorable.

Oscar-They need very powerful filtration system owing to their monstrous appetite. Being 12 inches, 55 gallons is the likely minimum size for one oscar only.

Iridescent Shark-Still too big for an average private tank.

My suggestion: Rehome them to a bigger tank as soon as possible(200 gallons at most) or give them to your lfs. There are several species to contemplate for.

CtLaxin 05-07-2007 08:28 PM

Well my dad has a very large tank right now with a few small fish in it so do you think this would be a suitable home for a couple months or sohuld i move some of them over now? the tank doesnt look crammed at all

tangy 05-07-2007 08:33 PM

maybe. how big is it? if its big enough to fit your soon to be collosal fish in for a wealthy amount of time, then i would suggest you switch them with the fishies in his tank. ohh! that also depends on what fish he has in his tank. if problems arise, then yes, your lfs is your only choice

Falina 05-08-2007 07:21 AM


Originally Posted by tangyman
maybe. how big is it?

I'm sure she said 20g.

For a few months I guess they would be OK, but best to move them as soon as possioble. Oscars and plecs need good filteration though, in a smaller tank this problem would be amplified, so for the time being just make sure that you keep up the water maintanence.

tangy 05-08-2007 05:57 PM

i meant his/hers(sorry! :oops: ) fathers tank. she said it was huge, maybe thay can switch and keep their fish after all

crazy4fish 01-01-2008 02:03 PM

i agree with all the other coments. pretty much all of those fish will outgrow a 20 gal. tank. :wink:

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