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eileen 12-06-2010 09:53 PM

Zebra Nitrite snail egg problem need help
I purchashed 1 Zebra Nitrite snail a few months ago. I bought it because I thought it was nice looking. It does a great job cleaning my tank of algae. In fact better then my Amano shrimps, Red Cherry shrimp, and bushy nosed pleco. It only takes a few days for it to clean the tank clean. It however has a down side. It lays eggs everywhere on the glass and rocks and my tank has a black background and black sand. I googled about them and I'm just wondering if only females do this. I can't keep up with cleaning all the eggs off the glass. How do you tell a female from a male Zebra Nitrite? Some other people on-line at other sites say they do not have a problem with their's laying eggs but others do. I know that the eggs will not hatch as they need Brackish water to hatch and they are hard to raise to adulthood. I would hate to rehome this snail but I was wondering if the females are the problem. If anyone knows more about them and can help that would be great.I was wondering what other snail does a good job in cleaning algae that will not reproduce or populate?

eileen 12-09-2010 11:58 PM

Got an answer for this one on Aqua-bid
I thought someone here would give me a answer about my snail by now. I got one from a person that sells snails on Aqua-bid. She told me that this snail only lays eggs if it is a female. The eggs can be taken off the glass with a razer or using a safe scrubber for your tank and the aquarium decorations by boiling it. Seems like alot of work to get rid of all the eggs layed. When they are well fed the females lay the eggs.

If unhappy they can escape out of the tank if their are any openings. I guess I have a Happy Snail. I wish I had a male zebra snail they are problem free. She also told me that they are very hard to tell the sex of the snail.They only breed in brackish watered tanks and can live in most tempertures. You learn something new every day. I thought that I would pass this information to anybody that might have the same egg laying problem like me.

thefishboy 12-11-2010 06:11 AM

Good you found the answer!

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