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seriosbrad 12-05-2010 06:18 PM

Zebra Snail eyes/antennas eaten
I suspect that my Betta might have nipped off my snails eyestalks and or/antennas. For a long time my Zebra has been sitting in the corner of my tank, moving maybe 1 inch in any direction over the course of 7 days. He's not dead, if I move him manually and hold him in another area on the glass he will come out and stick to the new spot and start eating.

However, Ive not seen his eyes or antennas come out for a few months. I have read by googling that snail antennas will regenerate "over time" but I can't get any information on precisely how long that time is. Anyone have an answer?

And can both eyestalks AND antennas regenerate?

Inga 12-05-2010 06:30 PM

I have no idea if the eyes can regenerate but I would guess no. That is really sad that your snail was accosted by your Betta. How will you keep it from happening again? Have you re-homed him into a new tank? I had a Mystery snail get out of my tank once and I found it on the floor in the morning. She was still alive but her antennas had dried up or something. Also, she had a crack in her shell. It took a few weeks but she was fine. Obviously, I made sure it could never happen to her again.

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