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Salix 12-02-2010 07:04 PM

10 gallon quarantine tank
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So today I picked up the hood and pennywort from the lps. In here I have 8 stocks of pennywort and two small Wisteria from my other 10 gallon tank. Am I going to need more of this or should this be enough to absorb the ammonia if I add one or two fish? I could add one of my mollies to see if it will be or not. The silver lyretail has been getting increasingly agressive towards the creamsicle lyretail and I'm sure Penny would like a break from all the chasing. So, yay or nay on adding one to the tank to see if it will be enough?

Salix 12-04-2010 06:32 PM

Well I added my silver molly to this tank and so far all is well. I did a reading before I put her in just to get a baseline, and the results were: ammonia 0ppm, nitrite 0ppm, nitrates 10ppm (most likely from the water change I performed, these always spike in my 10 gallon betta tank after water changes, pH 7.6, high range pH 7.8. Now 24 hours later the results are: ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 5ppm, pH 7.6 and high range pH 7.8.

She doesn't seem stressed out being in the tank by herself but I'm only going to leave her in here for one more night just in case. She's still eating and swimming around amongst the pennywort, but as soon as someone walks up to the tank she'll hide and she's normally not this skittish, so being on her own is having an affect. If the readings are still the same tomorrow afternoon than I'll put her back in the main tank where she belongs and it's off to the pet store for a new molly. I'm hoping adding some more will weed out the aggression. This silver molly pesters the creamsicle to no end. The mollies were always a little more nippy than the platies, but it was never this bad until the other two died. I'll keep updating as things develop.

badxgillen 12-04-2010 10:48 PM

cool cool
nice most people dont setup such a nice quarintine...yours is pleasing to the eye...hope you find some nice molies...dolmations perhaps....

Salix 12-05-2010 01:11 AM

Thanks for the comments. I'm hoping to find some dalmatian mollies. There were some at the pet store last week but I'm not sure if they'll still be there. Here's hoping. If the weather allows I'll be headed down there tomorrow. I'll post more pics soon.

Salix 12-06-2010 07:29 PM

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So here are this fish I got today. A male sailfin dalmatian molly and a female black lyretail molly. They haven't even been in the tank for an hour and there's already some attempted breeding going on. When he did start to bother her too much she turned around and headbutted him and he backed off. It was kind of awesome to see.

I've already fed them some of the Jungle Anti-Parasite Medicated food and they didn't eat too much of it but I'll still be giving it to them tomorrow and the day after as it says to in the directions. So far things have been good. The male "flashed" against one of the pennywort stocks and I've been keeping a close eye on him but he doesn't have any visible signs of anything wrong, so it could just be the new water he's in since he's used to being at the pet store. I'll keep updating as things develop.

badxgillen 12-07-2010 12:05 AM

they look nice...hope you did get a little hybridizing going on... by the you use a preventative medication for external parasites...

Salix 12-07-2010 02:52 AM

I don't have any medications for external parasites, no. This is the first time I've ever used a quarantine tank, and the medicated food is something I already had. If they are not too expensive and are not harmful to plants than I could probably pick some up this weekend. Do you know of any good medications to help prevent external parasites?

badxgillen 12-07-2010 10:54 AM

a preventative....probalactic
i use a product called quik cure...i usualy do a half dose on new work does the same and it works out with plants and kills off most protazoan parasites including the dreaded ich...just take your carbon out before treating with most medications...just my recomendations....

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