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burnsbabe 12-02-2010 11:00 AM

BGA Victory?
I've had a Blue-Green Algae (cyanobacteria) issue in my 55g tank for several months now. I'm still not sure how I got it to begin with but I had been battling it mostly with thorough tank cleanings once (and sometimes more than once) a week with the water change. The other day I got a little fed up.

I'd done some reading and decided that we'd try and see what a lights out situation would do. I went three days lights out (this seemed to be a moderate length) and have just now turned the lights on as I normally would on day four. I haven't seen the tank this free of the BGA in MONTHS! I dunno if it'll last, and any suggestions that anyone might have to make sure it stays that way would be appreciated. But, I just felt the need to check in.

Temp is about 81F. T5 Coralife bulbs. One 6700K Daylight the other their "Colormax".

SinCrisis 12-16-2010 02:37 PM

BGA is caused by excess organics. If you keep up your water changes, it should help keep the BGA out. I dosed maracyn one to kill my bga and i went without BGA for almost a whole year before it returned. Once u kill it takes a while to come back.

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