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Grimmjow 12-01-2010 05:15 AM

The free fish tank
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In here I keep the fish I get for free. Sorry for the book but I like how this tank actually has a story. This 20h became empty, except for the snail, after the betta and frogs died and I soon went to the store just to look and saw there was some fish in the plant tank with out any labels or price tags.

So I see these unlisted fish in this plant tank and and I see this one that looks like a saltwater goby/blenny and ask about it, she says it came in with some guppies and she had no idea what it is so in there its been for months. Then she asks if I want it, as if Id say no to a free fish this awesome, so free fish number 1. After some help from forum people and lots of google searches we determined it was a swamp darter and he spends most of his time under the big plant behind the wood but has been roaming a lot since the next 2 were added.

Yesterday I went back to the same place just because I was out that way and i havent been there yet this week and saw another cool fish in the same plant tank and the same girl was working... After some more looking around my girlfriend points out theres another of the same kind of fish in this other tank. We told her we figured out what the last fish was and asled if we could get this one and after 10 minutes of trying to catch this slippery thing she caught it and put it in with the plants I was getting. We then asked if we could could have this other in the other tank and she says they actually put this one in with some tooty fruity frogs or whatever they were as food but it survived and the got it and bagged it with the other. She only charged me the like 2 dollars for the bunch of plants that were on sale, so free fishes 2 and 3. When I got home I checked on google to compare them to what I thought they were and so Im like 87% sure they are endlers, going by the colors/pattern/size/tail shape.

TLDR: I got some cool fish for free that I had never seen before or since.

Grimmjow 12-01-2010 05:17 AM phone camera isnt fast so if you see a blur thats a fish.

edenn1423 12-01-2010 06:19 PM

Good idea as long as all the fish are compatible. I got my 4 Jack Dempseys for free :) they got too big for the store to sell so to my house they came. Good luck!

kaxt 12-10-2010 07:19 PM

That's a cool story. I've never heard of a swamp darter- if you get a chance you should post a picture of him.

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