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Bluebirdnanny 11-30-2010 04:47 PM

Grocery store knowingly selling ill fish....
I was waiting for friends to finish shopping so went to watch the fish in a WM store!!! I was horrified by what I saw and this attitude of the department head and manager of store:

ALL the fish in 12 little tanks had ick and tail rot and blood streaks in gills!!! One tank actually had a fish with ruptured side and water had swirls of blood dissipating and on bottom of tank! I brought it to the attention that the fish were sick and one tank actually had fresh blood in it. I suggested they add some treatments and quarantine the tanks before they loose all their investment. I was told "Don't worry people don't know the difference and they will buy them anyway. We won't loose any revenue." !!!!!!!

Then as one little girl was looking at fish and the man was pulling out the WOUNDED BLEEDING FISH I pulled moma aside to let her know the fish would die on the little girl. She looked at the fish he gave her and demanded he tell the little girl it was hurt and needed a hospital tank.

Then as she passed me and said thankyou he walked up and told me to leave. I informed him after writing down his name I WANTED TO SEE THE STORE MANAGER.... he said there wasn't one there. I went to the Information/service desk and asked to have the store manager paged to meet a customer in pet aisles by fish tanks. She paged the manager by name "is needed in the pet aquarium aisle". I went back and sat there in my Omego cart.... the manager recognized me as I buy food there often.... and the person was sent home after being told to put a "medicated tanks" on the aquariums I pointed out.

tanker 12-01-2010 02:41 AM

Good for you! How could they not care that the fish were sick? Unfortunately, it is probably a sign that they don't maintain their tanks properly rather than just something that needs to be medicated.

small fry 12-01-2010 06:21 AM

I have NEVER seen a walmart that had a fish department in good condition. I can't even picture in my mind what one looks like. When someone says "walmart" and "fish" in the same sentence, I think of all those dead fish in piles, the ick in all the tanks, the innocent shoppers considering getting those poor, sick fish, and so on.

I have also ask people not to buy fish at walmart, because walmart (or at least the 5 or 6 that I have been to) has a fish department resembleing a horror movie (that is rated "R").

Thanks for trying to make a difference! In the case of walmart's fish department...they need it!

Hokyfish 12-01-2010 06:53 AM

Awesome. Yea Walmarts fish dept. is a joke and always has been.

ElectricBlueJackDempsey 12-01-2010 03:18 PM

Good job standing up for whats right! there are some many tortured fish out there ): I saw 7 ghost knifes in about a 5 gallon (estimate) and they could barely move in a walmart. I decided to buy all 7 (only 6.50 each) and gave them to local pet store who happily took them and put them in a 30 gallon and they went up for sale. They gave me $30 dollars store credit so it wasn't that much of a lose for me.

SinCrisis 12-01-2010 03:49 PM

when i saw grocery store, i was envisioning a supermarket selling fish with obvious signs of disease.

Walmart is a mass merchant. Their goals are to sell large volumes of good for little profit per piece. Under that business model, goods fly off the shelf and nothing sits around very long. However, it cannot be applied to live animals as live animals never get sold as fast as every items like soap. Walmart doesnt get this and never will, they dont see fish as living animals but as goods to be turned over as soon as possible so to them, theres no reason to spend a lot of money on upkeep for those tanks. The best way to fix this is to just boycott their livestock so they show up as a loss on their balance sheet. Thats what they care about and thats what will solve the problem.

Mikaila31 12-02-2010 01:05 AM

Solution: stop looking at fish in walmart. Even when I am in that store I give the pet department a wide bubble. Honestly I could care a less about the fish they have. Even with the same species there is a big difference between the fish I seek out and the fish walmart sells period.

Bluebirdnanny 12-06-2010 06:29 PM

Had only gone in the dept for a little air line tubing. And couldn't help but glance.

Creat 12-06-2010 08:06 PM

I went into walmart once and (as usual)had to see the fish and (as usual) the fish were in horrible condition i saw many of the green spotted puffers crammed together with guppies. :( it was pathetic how bad of shape their fish are in. I bought a few more green spotted from him just cause I always feel like I need to save them... He causually mentioned that he thought that puffers were brackish fish and I was like yes! cause walmart always leaves them in freshwater and horrible water at that. He ended up talking to the manager about not getting anymore of the puffers. Hopefully it worked im going back next week to see.

SinCrisis 12-07-2010 08:32 AM


Originally Posted by Creat (Post 528586)
He ended up talking to the manager about not getting anymore of the puffers. Hopefully it worked im going back next week to see.

Its unlikely the employee's talk will have any effect on the managers decision making process. The managers at walmart dont actually have a lot of power in terms of choosing what to stock in their stores, for walmart its all about their database. Stores are automatically stocked via a program that alerts suppliers when the stock for a certain product gets low, its how Walmart avoids getting their own massive warehouse and lowers their risk. The more puffers that move out of that the store, the higher the number is logged for puffer turnover so the supplier will get a notice saying distribution region #xx needs more puffers, y number of puffers needs to be shipped. The manager doesnt have as much power in determining if they get stocked with the fish or not.

What will likely happen is if the employee talks to the manager and the manager sends a message to corporate saying that the puffers are kept in a bad environment, which corporate will likely ignore, and let corporate know of the numbers for puffers for their store, if it turns out to be very low turnover and high loss, corporate may discontinue puffers for that store, otherwise, the suggestion will be logged but puffer supply will not cease.

My company hasn't tried to get into working with walmart because of their supply chain system. They will tell you they want to buy X number of a product, make you hold it in your warehouse and slowly deplete that number as they sell it in the stores. If they dont meet their projections for the season then the supplier is stuck with the goods and Walmart doesnt absorb any inventory risk. There are very few people involved for this chain other than establishing the intiial relationship, selection of products for each season,and when walmart cuts you out of their chain. Everything else is automated by computers, numbers to be shipped, when to ship etc. Manager input at walmart is very limited, mostly restricted to management of people, store conditions, etc, and less about what they stock.

This is a wall of text, but "rescuing fish" through purchases is not an effective means of rescue.

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