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Salix 11-30-2010 01:26 PM

question about zebra nerite snail
I'm worried that my snail isn't getting enough nutrients, especially calcium. I've put different types of vegetables in the tank for a few hours and he isn't interested in them at all. The only thing he ever eats is the algae on the glass of the tank. I've tried blanching the veggies, keeping them fresh and weighing them down with a clip, but nothing is working. He also isn't interested in the algae wafers I've offered him. He still looks healthy. He's active, mostly at night, and his shell still looks healthy. I haven't had him for very long, about six weeks, and I'm worried about the long term damage that this could cause if he doesn't get enough calcium. Fortunately my tank water is rich in it. Every other week I'm scrapping calcium deposits off the back of the hood where the water evaporates. What signs should I be looking for that could indicate he hasn't been getting enough calcium or other nutrients he needs?

One more question: is it strange for them to suddenly turn nocturnal? For the first few weeks I had him he was out all the time, cleaning the glass and exploring the tank. But for the last five days or so he only comes out after the florescent light is turned off. They're the same lights I had when he was introduced to the tank, but now he spends all day either on the bottom of the filter, on the bottom of the heater or inside the decorative rock. Any insights on this behavior change would be helpful. Thank you for your time.

redchigh 11-30-2010 01:56 PM

Snails prefer to get their calcium from the water. If you have enough algae, don't worry.

Keep feeding the treats, but don't worry if he doesn't eat it. (Remove veggies after an hour or so.)

Is it possible that your lights are too bright?

Salix 11-30-2010 02:04 PM

Ok, I'll keep offering him treats, although the beta he lives with seems more interested in them than the snail. I don't think the lights are too bright. I have two compact florescent 10 watt bulbs that I run for seven hours a day (I have live plants, running them for any less isn't an option). They've never bothered him before. Could it be the change in weather? It's starting to shift from fall to winter so the days have been colder and the room the tank is in has pretty bad insulation so even if the central heating is at 70 degrees, the room is still pretty cold. I keep the tank at about 72-75 degrees, should I maybe up it a degree or two? It's been raining a lot here more often than it has since I got him, could the barometric pressure be causing the sudden change in behavior?

dfbiggs 11-30-2010 03:51 PM

My zebra nerites always seemed to prefer to stay on the glass even with fine substrate. They really like to eat the algae/slime from the walls. Occasionally they will eat blanched spinach & corn on the cob. They tend to be picky and really only want the real algae.

If you have mineral deposits on your wall your water should be hard enough to keep his/her shell healthy. you will see signs if the water if too acidic their shell will start looking foggy/dusty. If this happens add a cuttlebone to the tank and it will slowly dissolve and release calcium & they will also munch on it. Just try to keep your pH above 7.

I have noticed a change in all of my snails...almost like they are going into hibernation. Some of my other species of nerites were always more active at night. They all have different personalities.

emmsandbens 01-22-2011 01:14 PM

Snail Appears Unwell
1 Attachment(s)
Our snail appears to be very sick. In the last 24 hours it has gone from highly active to stationary and it seems to have puffed up. At the base of the shell there is a white puffy growth that seems to be pushing the shell up.

It is a new tank and we have had trouble with nitrate levels so we dont have any fish yet but there are lots of plants and algae and he has been fine for over 3 weeks.

Anyone know of a possible cause and solution?

I have attached a poor quality photo

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