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Welsh 11-30-2010 12:11 PM

Hengel Rasbora
I went shopping today in the hope of finding some small fish, I rung before hand to see if the LFS had any Celestial Pearl Danio's and they claimed they only had Zebra so I went anyway and ended up buying 6 Hengel's and 5 X-ray tetras.

Whilst there I saw Galaxy rasbora, which I was going to buy but ended up being put off by my mother, who claimed "they look like something you can get in a river :shock:" Well duhhh haha anyway, I've come home to research galaxy rasbora's and would you believe it..... their the Celestial Pearl Danio's I was after, I'm not amused but i'm also wondering can I have these tiny fish with the fish that I have already?

Thanks :-)

Byron 11-30-2010 07:01 PM

Assuming the fish you already have are the Hengel Rasbora and Pristella Tetra, you should be OK if the Pristella are small now. Trigonostigma hengeli grow to about an inch but like the other 3 species in this genus are very peaceful. Pristella maxillaris when small will be no issue but if they are full size now they might show some curiosity in the Pearls depending how small they are. The Celestial Pearl Danio attains 3/4 of an inch max. As you noted, common names are confusing; this fish was once called the Galaxy Rasbora before it was scientifically sorted out, as is explained in our profile.

Such a small fish can get lost in larger tanks; and by this, I mean not only become invisible, but disappear too. I had an entire shoal of Boraras merah that one by one vanished in my former 70g tank which had no largish fish in it. My group of Boraras brigittae were in the 10g at first, and I have now moved them into the 33g with other very small fish, and they seem to be OK.

As noted in our profile, get a group so you will not have serious squabbles as you can with only a few. With thick plants, and I mean very thick, they should be fine. A truly beautiful fish.


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