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Falina 05-04-2007 07:52 PM

Golden Apple Snails
I know they get quite big but I don't think they need as much room as fish do since they don't "swim".

I have a 7g tank I'm about to make into a cory fry tank. It's unlikely I'll have fry in it all the time so I was wondering if I could keep some apple snails in it as well.

So my questions would be:

How many would you recommend in a tank this size? Or is it too small?
Would they harm the cory fry as they would have to share a home for a while?


Trishfish 05-04-2007 09:11 PM

First, apple snails incorporate a few varieties of pomacea. Pomacea bridgesii (mystery snail) grows the size of a golf ball and will not eat your plants. Pomacea canaliculata (canas) grows the size of a softball and will gorge themselves on ANY greenery they find. There's also paladosa and haustrum but these hard much harder to come by. Canas like leafy greens in particular but they and mysteries need veges to eat as well as algae wafers, fish flake, etc.

You should allow at least 2 - 2 1/2 gallons of water per full grown mystery snail and about five gallons for canas. They need that much room because they are big eaters, and thus, big poopers. If you have great filtration and do frequent water changes, you can allow for more.

Snails are wonderful nannies for fry of any kind that need infusoria. At least poop is good for something. :) They will not harm babies.

Falina 05-05-2007 06:04 AM

Sorry I should have stated the variety: Pomacea canaliculata.

There will be no plants in the tank so that's not a problem. There will be nothing in the tank at all as I've bene told that any gravel in a fry tank is a bad idea.

My filteration is adequate, but nothing exceptional but I'll do 20-30% water changes every second day for that very reason.

Another option is the Zebra Snail (Nerita sp.). They are a little smaller as far as I know. Which would you recommend for a 7g fry tank and how many? I've never kept snails other than the ones that hitch a ride on plants, so I don't know much about them.

Thanks for your help.

Trishfish 05-05-2007 10:28 AM

Nerites can be both salt and freshwater critters so make sure you get the right kind. Freshwater nerites are only supposed to be able to reproduce in brackish water but there's always some talk of success otherwise. They'll lay eggs either way, but babies just don't survive.

Zebra nerites get to be about an inch in size and do a great job eating green algae growing in your tank. They won't eat plants. They are maniacs for calcium (all snails need it) so make sure they are getting enough.

Another option would be Asolene spixi, also about an inch in size, won't eat plants. Very pretty snail.

I would allow at least a gallon per snail.

Rue 05-05-2007 11:23 AM

Good info! Thanks! I just got 6 blue mystery snails from an auction last week...I have them in a 21l tank along with a male plakat...

I'm finding them fascinating! And I guess my tank is fully stocked (standard kit filter)...but I will add a couple of plants...

Falina 05-05-2007 06:27 PM


They are maniacs for calcium (all snails need it) so make sure they are getting enough.
How can I ensure there is calcium in the water and tell whether there is enough or not?

Trishfish 05-05-2007 06:40 PM

Many people use Kent's Marine (yes, marine) Calcium. Just follow the directions on the bottle. You can halve the dose if you want to. Other people rinse cuttlebone well and toss it in the tank or filter. You can add a handful of crushed coral and replace as it dissolves. Feed high calcium veges especially dark greens. I like Caltrate brand calcium supplements for humans. Drop one in and replace when it's gone. You have to watch the ingredients on supplements because you don't other other vitamins. Vacation feeders are basically plaster of paris and work well but get pricey. You can make your own but you need to watch the ingredients on the plaster as well. There's also a product called Wonder Shell.

Snail shells will get thin and/or eroded without enough calcium. Some will eat each other's shells if they don't get enough.

Falina 05-05-2007 07:07 PM

Oh right! Will any of these supplements be harmful to the cory fry?

I really appreciate your advice here. Thanks :)

Trishfish 05-05-2007 07:10 PM

Nope. If you use the liquid, be sure and dose it in the filter or mix in a cup of tank water so it's more dilute.

Falina 05-06-2007 06:46 AM


Originally Posted by Trishfish
Nope. If you use the liquid, be sure and dose it in the filter or mix in a cup of tank water so it's more dilute.

Thanks very much, I'll make sure I do that then.

I think it's quite bad really - the site I was buying them from didn't mention anything about this. Always pays to ask about first!

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