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fishbut 11-22-2010 02:28 PM

Help needed please..

We recently purchased 5 female guppies... two of them died within a week of having them and one of them ended up with whte fungus (we returned this one to the fish shop) the other one looked pregnant so we read up and watched for all of the signs and when it looked ready we put it in the breeding trap - the next morning the fish was laying on her side and we thought she was dead but her fins where still moving.. we left her for a while without feeding and she seemed to get alot better... swimming around and was ok for the next two days, but today she is back laying on her side. I have read up about this and it seems she may have a swimbladder infection? which I read can be caused by poor water conditions, we had the water tested at the fish shop twice over the last 2 weeks and the levels were perfect so that rules that out... does anyone have any ideas what else could be wrong? or if it is something to do with swimbladder then how can we "fix" her? thanks

bettablue 11-22-2010 06:44 PM

well how big is the tank, how many times do you change the ware and how much, how many females and or males do you have in the tank?

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