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cichlidfan45 11-22-2010 08:29 AM

Jack Dempsey acting strange suddenly
Hi i have a 55g with 1 JD 6in and 1 pleco 4in and 1 black mystery snail that is big enough not to get eaten. I have had my JD for about 4 months and he has always been a very spunky fish, as soon as i would approach the tank he would swim up and down eager for food, for the past 3 days he has done the opposite when i open the hood he ignores me and he is always hiding and seems depressed, i feed him hikari gold, cucumber, krill, bloodworms, and crickets. i do regular water changes and filter maitnence and gravel vacuuming once a week and i hve two filters 1 canister and 1 power filter that i change about every month or two. He looks fine no signs of disease or white specks. please help me any advice will be appreciated

1077 11-22-2010 10:01 AM

Have you checked the water parameter's to see that ammonia nitrites and nitrates are in order ?I recall you were thinking of raising feeder fishes some time back, Have you been feeding feeder fish to the Jack Dempsey?
Does the fish look bloated?
In my view,,it is perhaps more difficult to feed one or two fish ,than it is to feed a tank full of fish without overfeeding.Fish can become bloated if fed too much of any food and I would suggest reduce feeding's to once each day, and only as much as you actually see the fish eat in one or two minutes.
I would feed the blood worms sparingly perhaps once a week and would do the same with cricket's while offering the pellet food as staple once each day.
Would make sure no one else is feeding the fish, and would perform 50 percent water change once or twice each week.Would look to see that temp is between 78 and 80 degrees F and continue with the gravel vaccuming at each water change.
Hard to say without seeing the fish ,but performing a 50 percent water change perhaps twice a week(monday /sunday) for a couple weeks would not hurt anything ,and reducing the food to once each day ,and smaller amount would be what I would try and see if the fish did not respond favorably.

cichlidfan45 11-22-2010 03:51 PM

no i havent been feeding him feeders but yeah ive noticed his stomach looks big sometimes and i hve been feeding him a lot lately ill take your advice thank you

cichlidfan45 11-22-2010 04:13 PM

i was reading on the internet and i found out that he is constipated and he doesnt have dropsy how do i treat constipation?

1077 11-22-2010 11:22 PM


Originally Posted by cichlidfan45 (Post 518226)
i was reading on the internet and i found out that he is constipated and he doesnt have dropsy how do i treat constipation?

Were it me,, I would not feed the fish for a couple three days. This will allow what is in the fishes gut to pass through.After three days, I would offer the fish one or two cooked and de-shelled peas.
Would also consider soaking the pelllet food you are offering before giving it to the fish to help keep pellet's from expanding in the gut of the fish.
Would also consider foods with some vegetable content such as NEW LIFE SPECTRUM large fish formula and would soak this food as well for a few minutes before offering it to the fish.Would be careful not to overfeed the fish in the future and might consider one day of fasting (no food) each week.
Could also try adding some Daphnia to the fishes diet as well.
Keep the water clean (water changes) as described,and the fish will thank you.
Cichlids will happily eat all that is offered and constipation or bloating can cause other health issues if this is frequent ,hence the recommended reduced feeding's.

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