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luckysarah 11-19-2010 07:48 AM

butterfly goodeid
I found a trio of these fish available through a classified add.

I have been reading a lot and they sound very interesting.

Does anyone have experience with these fish?
I have been reading that they can be fin nippers and I am thinking that if I decide to go ahead that I will probably need a species tank for them and hopefully I can sell or give away the fry. This species is extinct in the wild so its kind of an important fish to keep in the hobby.

They have live babies which are about an inch long, the parents do not eat them (as they are too large), kind of a plain looking fish but from what I have been reading they are very quick and smart.. enjoyable to watch.

Do you think a trio would be ok in a 20 gallon or should I go larger?

Here is a male

thefishboy 11-19-2010 01:23 PM

Wow 20g for them?? I would get loads...

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